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The Stealth Invasion of Health into America

Have you seen some of the organic, GMO Free, non-Dairy, meat-free and other healthy products that have been creeping into your grocery stores lately?  Yes, even Walmart, has really gotten into the game; silently without much fanfare.  Costco is one of the biggest organic purveyors in the discount store markets.  Target is getting better and most local grocery chains like Publix, Kroger and Safeway are stocking healthier fare; often right next to the toxic stuff.

You may not even realize that you are eating food that is actually healthier for you but still tastes marvelous.  You are seeing packaged foods containing Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Flax and other very healthy ingredients.  Shazam as Gomer Pyle might say, I didn’t know that!  For goodness sake, even Crisco now has Organic coconut oil!

Meat and Dairy alternatives are infringing on the space that the traditional meat and dairy products occupy, as consumers realize and have demanded healthier alternatives.  We are seeing a dramatic and relatively sudden paradigm shift in consumer demand as more and more Americans realize they what they eat is causing them to be fat, sick and lethargic.  They are beginning to demand better and healthier products and since companies want to stay in business, the smart ones are offering better products.

Still many/most of these packaged food stuffs are processed, contain preservatives and other additives that aren’t conducive to good nutrition, BUT they are moving in the direction of eschewing animal products that have been shown to, not only be unhealthy, but their production is also very harmful to the environment.

American Consumers are tired of being sick and are realizing, finally, that it is NOT the natural order of things to be taking numerous drugs to treat lifestyle diseases that are preventable with lifestyle adjustments. They are sick and tired of seeing their friends and loved ones dropping dead with heart attacks, dying of cancer and suffering the ravages of diabetes 2.  They are finally realizing, slowly, that these Lifestyle diseases are preventable with a healthy immune system and that the animal products they have long consumed, may actually be contributing to the plague of lifestyle diseases afflicting America and much of the Planet.

Yes, it’s true that this silent invasion of healthier products into the American food stores is happening without much fanfare.  The lobbyists of the meat/dairy industry hold tremendous sway over corrupt politicians and retail companies, so they are able to suppress much fanfare over these new products infringing on their traditional monopolies.  Yet the invasion continues and is getting more visible and taking over the limited shelf space once controlled/owned by the meat/dairy industries.

GOOD for America!
We are slowly but surely going to Restore America’s Health!