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People Have Forgotten What True Health Feels Like

So many people are on some sort of ‘medication’ or prescription drug.  A lot more take OTC or Over the Counter drugs that do not require prescription but can be just or more powerful than prescription drugs that require a medical professional to prescribe them.

Drugs, drugs everywhere and these are only the ‘legal’ ones.  Alcohol and illegal drugs are readily available and many people use them on a regular basis.  Often, they will combine these and prescription medications at the same time; unknowingly putting their very lives at risk.

ALL these drugs have serious, VERY SERIOUS, side effects.  Many will help or treat a disease or ailment but produce dramatic and often debilitating side effects at the same time.  Most doctors when writing scripts (prescriptions) don’t know what other stuff patients are taking so have no way to ascertain the cross-over interaction that could be deadly.

Every one of the drugs taken by so many people have some sort of, usually negative, side effects.  While alcohol may make you feel good for a time, excessive use will cause that hangover, all too familiar and unfortunate result of over indulgence. Other drugs have mild to serious side effects, often on the label, like ‘dry mouth’, dizziness and others that prohibit normal activities like driving or operating machinery.  How many people pay attention to those prohibitions?

A Mayo Clinic study found that nearly 70 percent of Americans are prescribed at least one medication, with antibiotics, antidepressants, and opioids topping the list.  SEVENTY Percent!  All these individuals are experiencing various side effects of drugs; drugs that may or may not be helpful or contributing to their overall Health, Wellness or Longevity!

People have Forgotten what it is like to be Drug Free!  They have no idea what a healthy person is supposed to ‘feel like’.  If the majority of Americans are on some sort of drug, and many on more than one if you include OTC stuff, does Anyone know what it Feels Like to Be Healthy? 

Americans are SICK and seem to be getting sicker.  All these drugs do NOT appear to be helping the over-all health of Americans.  Does anyone bother to ask WHY NOT?  These prescriptions and other stuff is supposed to make us Well but Americans are sicker every day and dying sooner and sooner; often after lingering, painful, periods in hospital or under medical supervised care.

Why does no one in the medical industry consider PREVENTION over treatment?  Oh, yes, the MONEY. There is little revenue to the medical/drug industry when people are Healthy and just do NOT GET SICK.  THAT is why medical professionals Ignore the simple fact that the Standard American Diet is making people Fat, Sick and Dying.  The revenue streams into the pharmaceutical and medical industries is Enormou$ and they fight tooth and nail against anything that impacts that revenue stream.  Especially anything relating to Nutrition and PREVENTION of disease!

People, yes YOU, need to realize that if you continue to eat the Standard American Deadly Diet you will continue to be subjected to, mostly unnecessary, drugs and treatments.  If people would just consider, CONSIDER, that what they eat is killing them and if they change what they consume and how they live, they might not get sick at all?  Never need those prescription drugs they are taking for PREVENTABLE/TREATABLE lifestyle diseases (Diabetes 2, Cancer, Heart Disease and more) that are not only preventable, but in many/most cases REVERSABLE.

Learning how it FEELS to be Healthy; it truly IS an amazing experience and one we feel every day when we awake and feel energized WITHOUT DRUGS.  That feeling is easy to obtain if you just make simple, easy and inexpensive changes to your lifestyle and nutrition.   You CAN enjoy this marvelous feeling of Freedom, Health, Wellness and Vitality that is missing in over 70% of American’s lives today.

Learn how to dump those drugs, Prevent Disease and Reverse those that may be affecting you today.  Learn to Live a Healthy, Vital Tomorrow without drugs and treatments that may be worse than the disease being treated.  You CAN BE HEALTHY if you just learn how to change your lifestyle & diet.  Its not only simple but it is Simply Delicious!