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New Book in the Restoring America's Health Series
Young American’s Guide to Cooking

Coming in 2019

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Coming in 2019

Restoring America's Health Series Cookbooks

Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living Publishing will be presenting this series of cookbooks based on our best selling book, Restoring America's Health.  These new books will present recipes based on the major areas and the Simple Steps to a Plant-Based Lifestyle.

We hope to release the first in this series sometime in the Summer of 2019.  We will announce the titles to be available when negotiations with the author are complete.  In the meantime, enjoy Restoring America's Health!

Garden Tower to Table
Chef Nancy's Recipes for our Garden Tower Harvest

At the end of the year (2019) we will publish our first recipe book from this series.  It will include other valuable Health, Wellness and Longevity information as well so stay tuned and watch our Garden Tower Grow.  Chef Nancy's new book will be entitled: "Garden Tower to Table ~ Organic Gardening for Everyone".