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Consuming the Deadly-4
Is Why You Are Sick

“The government is paying cancer researchers to figure out why Americans have more prostate cancer.  They have heart disease researchers trying to figure out why we have so much heart disease.  And at the same time, government subsidies pump more cheese, more milk and more meat and more processed sugar into all of us.  There’s the answer!” – Dr. Neal Barnard, MD

I just got off a phone call with a nice young lady trying to interest me in one of those MLM ‘milkshake’ companies and their products.  I tried to explain how processed foods are NOT the same as WHOLE FOODS and how the casein (protein component) in dairy and dairy products that use the waste product ‘whey’ is potentially carcinogenic, but she would not listen.
I don’t understand WHY so many people, when faced with logic, facts and evidence on how NOT to be sick, simply Choose to continue to Be Sick.  Yes, it is a CHOICE, not your destiny.  Choosing to eat processed foods that contain meat, fish, dairy and eggs (the Deadly-4) is choosing to commit to a slow and eventually painful death.
Humans are Not designed to be sick.  We are NOT supposed to require massive amounts of medications, drugs, barbaric treatment therapies just to live to a ripe old HEALTHY age.  The tremendous number of studies, evidence and facts do not seem to impact people.  The FACT that there are more and MORE products that omit the Deadly-4 in your grocery stores, now available almost everywhere, does not seem to have an effect.  Of course, most people fail to even recognize that these products DO omit the Deadly-4.
Even Baskin Robbins have gotten on the band wagon to compete with other companies penetrating their markets with non-dairy frozen-treats.  Those who try them, always rave about how delicious they are but you MUST give them a taste/try in your kitchen.
I suggested to this young lady that she at least read the recent book by Dr. Michael Greger, entitled “How Not to Die” and get back to me.  It seemed to fall on deaf ears as it usually does.  Does no one actually Read Books anymore?
I really think that it is the Fear Factor.  People are just plain scared, almost, to Death to find out that what they are eating and feeding to their families is potentially Deadly.  Scary thought that you may be consuming death daily and worse, that you may be feeding the same to your loved ones.
Of course, there are people who still smoke cigarettes.  So, what can I say?  The plain fact is that eating the Deadly-4 is not unlike smoking; it will eventually kill you.  People seem only interested in avoiding imminent threats and discount future debilitating disease as just a potential threat that just won’t happen to them.
I’m here to tell you, that in most cases, it WILL KILL YOU.  Hell, it almost killed me.  Thankfully, I got cancer and it was a wakeup call for my wife and I.  Thankfully, YES so thankful as without this dramatic kick in the ass, I probably would be dead by now; From cancer, heart disease, diabetes or something else.
Now at 73+, I am healthier than most 35-year old’s.  So is my wife, on every level.  I’m not saying we don’t have some issues with aging but we use some common sense and don’t try crazy things, but we DO aggressive walking and hike all across the USA. We take NO drugs, have not had any ‘treatments’ in over 10+ years and feel GREAT.
There are no miracles working here.  Just simple common sense.  We avoid those things we Know will harm us. We refuse to consume anything containing the Deadly-4 or derivatives.  It takes a bit of due diligence but once it becomes a habit; pretty easy to do!
We spend countless hours writing, speaking and generally being obnoxious as hell to anyone who comes within our reach. But we are simply Trying to Save YOUR LIFE!