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Complexities of Physician Supply and Demand:
Projections from 2015 to 2030
Association of American Medical Colleges

American disease-ridden society is outpacing the medical industry’s capability to treat patients.  For the third year in a row, Association of American Medical Colleges project physician demand will continue to grow faster than supply, leading to a projected total physician shortfall of between 40,800 and 104,900 physicians by 2030.

What are we to do?  How about Not Getting Sick?  What a concept huh?  Just think, if so many people didn’t succumb to lifestyle diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes 2 and more), we just wouldn’t need all these doctors.  If doctors weren’t so slammed writing prescriptions for drugs that often do more harm than good, maybe, just maybe, they would have the time to actually LISTEN to a patient and determine the CAUSE of their ailment.

Most doctor visits are about 15 minutes, on a good day.  Doctors don’t have time, and many don’t have the desire, to determine the CAUSE of an ailment so the patient can take action to remove what is CAUSING the Disease!  No, the doctor determines (very often incorrectly) what the symptoms are and focuses only on a treatment, never a CURE.

Oh sure, many will ask if the patient smokes cigarettes and advise them to STOP.  Others observe and measure obesity.  Blood work may indicate imminent cardiac impairment and/or disease as well as possible cancers but what do doctors DO?  They prescribe a drug, recommend a surgery or deadly chemotherapy/radiation. They seldom, if ever, diagnose the CAUSE and recommend a non-invasive solution like simply removing the cause of the disease and changing a patient’s lifestyle.

Most lifestyle diseases of cancer, diabetes 2 and heart disease are CAUSED by lifestyle choices.  Usually revolving around the Standard American Deadly Diet of high fat, animal products and sugar.  The processed/packaged/fast food most Americans eat are full of this deadly content, not to mention a plethora of chemicals, preservatives and other toxins that have been shown to be dangerous and deadly.

Most processed foods are made with GMO ingredients (totally untested by the FDA) that are saturated with glyphosate. Even the non-GMO crops are saturated with the stuff to speed drying/processing.  You and the animals you may eat are eating this poison and passing it on to you and your kids.  It is a cycle of toxic poisoning that never ends.

Just think about the Billion$ of dollar$ in savings, not to mention the reduction in pain and suffering of so many Americans if we simply and inexpensively just get healthy?  It really is not that complicated and you do NOT need to see your doctor.  Simply change your lifestyle and remove the CAUSE of the current or potential disease.  This will PREVENT future diseases and often reverse the lifestyle disease you may have.

Millions of Americans need NOT get sick if we educate and train both people and doctors how nutrition, simple Whole FOOD, impacts health and wellness.  Doctors are not trained in Nutrition.  Schools stopped teaching it to the kids.  Most adults have no clue!  No, they all assume that disease/sickness is somehow a natural occurrence.

This is NOT True

You are designed to be Fit, Well and Healthy, NOT lethargic, sick and dying!  The solution is simple but takes some education and work.  It’s not easy to change your lifestyle, but if you don’t; you can plan on continued visits to overburdened doctors and massive costs paid to the (very profitable) healthcare industry as Americans continue the cycle of disease~treatment~disease until it ends in early DEATH.

Break the cycle.  Just get healthy by changing your lifestyle to focus on healthy a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.  Stop the diseases caused by your current Standard American Deadly Diet!  Lean how to prepare and eat delicious Plant Based Cuisine to Save Your Money and Save Your Life!