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Just Published February 2023
There are literally thousands of us who have survived, yes and thrived, after that dreadful day when we received that deadly diagnosis. While there are many who succumb to the ‘white coat’ treatment program, there are many More who chose an alternative approach to the diabolical, brutal and primitive ‘accepted treatments’ condoned by the mostly corrupt FDA and the Medical Industry. Yes, I refused ALL treatments like radiation, surgery and chemotherapy!

I may not have all the answers but I Can tell you that survival and a healthy long life is possible; despite that diagnosis. It may not be ‘accepted’ by the lamestream media/medical folks but for many of us, it has Worked and worked Extremely Well. It may not seem as easy as just taking that pill, getting that radiation or accepting the toxic poisons offered by chemotherapy, it is Hard Work to fight back and WIN.

I’m talking about the Centuries (actually longer) long approach to Health, Healing and Longevity, NUTRITION. You will seldom if ever hear that word pronounced in the doctor’s office and never in a hospital; where they have junk food dispensers lining the hallways and where they feed you the very toxins that probably contributed to your illness in the first place.

The KEY to your Cure and Sustainable Healthy Living is with NUTRITION and your Lifestylediet!

  • The Life and Times of Skip Stein: My Wonderful Life
I have been working since I was 10 years old, so much of my life is WORK. I have always loved to work. It keeps me out of trouble; mostly.

This is my story, SO FAR as I plan to continue for a long time yet. My life is with Nancy, the love of my life, and I treasure every day with her.

Our “First Road Trip”, a picture travelogue of our Adventures Hiking the USA.  This is the first in a series of our Adventures RoadTripping and Hiking in the USA.

Restoring America's Health - A Healthy Lifestyle Series

Dr. Michael Greger with our
With Brad Peek of Walt Disney World

Surviving Cancer - A Lifestyle Adventure
Skip's Story of how he is surviving a deadly diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.  Given only 3 years to live; Skip is surviving on a Delicious Nutritious Whole Food Plant Based Diet and has been living a Healthier Lifestyle.   Now over 11 years later he has proven how Nutrition can perform wondrous changes.

Skip Stein is a Lifestyle Consultant and Whole Food Plant Based Author, operating from Winter Haven Florida. Focused on Health & Wellness, Skip has been serving the Central Florida area with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living for over ten years.

We can publish a new recipe booklets to coincide with
Each Crop Season.  
These booklets are the being published in a series that will feature seasonal crops.  Each booklet will feature one or more selected crops grown each season. Recipes will include these foods as well as other healthy additions that will augment, season or otherwise add flavor, texture and taste.  Chef Nancy Stein will create each recipe new each season and will publish each booklet in conjunction with the plant variety being offered.

We now offer customized product-centric booklets to clients to demonstrate use or quality of their products. Focused on WFPB or Whole Food Plant Based product and services, just give us a call.  We can customize and deliver a quality, well written, product brochure for you and/or your company.

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