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Just Released - October 2nd, 2019
The best, most effective and inexpensive way to live/eat is to follow a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.  Not a ‘diet’ but a lifestyle approach that has no crazy restrictions and only suggests that eating vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds is the best, cheapest and most healthy way to eat and provide your body with the complete nutrition it needs to THRIVE. 

This book is the third in our series “
Restoring America’s Health” and is a companion for older, seasoned citizens to learn how to venture into the kitchen, maintain their independence and stay healthy.

Released - April 2019
This book is Skip's Story of how he is surviving a deadly diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.  Given only 3 years to live; Skip is surviving on a Delicious Nutritious Whole Food Plant Based Diet and has been living a Healthier Lifestyle.   now over 10 years later he has proven how Nutrition can perform wondrous changes.

Skip Stein is a Lifestyle Consultant and Whole Food Plant Based Author, operating from Winter Haven Florida. Focused on Health & Wellness, Skip has been serving the Central Florida area with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living for over ten years.

New Book in the Restoring America's Health Series
Young American’s Guide to Cooking

We now offer customized product-centric booklets to clients to demonstrate use or quality of their products. Focused on WFPB or Whole Food Plant Based product and services, just give us a call.  We can customize and deliver a quality, well written, product brochure for you and/or your company.

New Series NOW available!
We are working with Crown Jewel Organic Farms
and will be publishing new recipe booklets to coincide with
Eash Crop Season.  
These booklets are the being published in a series that will feature seasonal organic crops available from Crown Jewel Farms of Lake Wales Florida.  Each booklet will feature one or more selected crops grown by Crown Jewel Farms each season. Recipes will include these organic foods as well as other healthy additions that will augment, season or otherwise add flavor, texture and taste.  Chef Nancy Stein will create each recipe new each season and will publish each booklet in conjunction with the plant variety being offered.

Available NOW on Amazon and at Crown Jewel Farms

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Garden Tower to Table
Chef Nancy's Recipes for our Garden Tower Harvest

At the end of the year (2019) we will publish our first recipe book from this series.  It will include other valuable Health, Wellness and Longevity information as well so stay tuned and watch our Garden Tower Grow.  Chef Nancy's new book will be entitled: "Garden Tower to Table ~ Organic Gardening for Everyone".