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Why Not Live to 100+?

We go to the grocery store several times a week for fresh food, just like most people.  I am a friendly guy and am in the business of encouraging Health, Wellness and Longevity and we work to help folks achieve these health-focused goals.

When I see someone puzzling over a product isle, like the bread or dairy case, I will often offer assistance in their selection.  Most folks are friendly and at least courteous.  I have learned a lot by asking people why they choose a certain product.  I also have explained what is IN many of the products and shown them how to really READ THE LABEL.  I even will show them the cell phone app (FOODUCATE) that allows you to scan a bar code and get a nutritional grade and analysis and will often demonstrate it.

During these friendly encounters, I will often explain the Reason I am so concerned with what I eat and what they are eating is that I want to live to 100+ if at all possible.  A HEALTHY 100+ at that.  They seem shocked and often say, quite literally, “I never want to live that long!”.  That is usually the end of the conversation when I ask WHY NOT?

I believe that most people today, especially in America, are AFRAID of living too long as their parents contracted deadly chronic diseases later in life and languished in Hospital beds, hooked up to machines, on numerous drugs and pain killers before they finally succumbed to death.

Now we are all going to die eventually, but why be in a big rush?  You do NOT have to be taking countless drugs, undergoing diabolical medical treatments, suffer and die.  You CAN live to a ‘Ripe Old Age’ and be healthy, vital and active to the end.  People are doing it all over the Planet; just not very often in the USA.  EXCEPT for our only Blue Zone in Loma Linda California where people are living well into their 100’s, still working, running marathons (yes, it’s true!) and enjoying life, their grandkids and great grandkids. I want to do that too!

It is a double challenge for me because I was diagnosed with cancer some 10+ years ago and the ‘doctor’ gave me just 3 years to live; maybe 5 if I was bombarded with radiation, had a life-risking surgery and lordy knows what else.  I said NO; None of the Above and walked away, never to return.  Yes, it was TEN years ago and I’m, at 74+, healthier NOW than I was at 40.

We know that living a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle WORKS and have been living this way, avoiding ALL meat, fish, dairy, eggs, GMO and eating mostly Whole Foods.  We feel great and haven’t had, so much as, cold in all that time.  We are active hikers and love Road Tripping across this wonderful Country of Ours.

Just about everyone can if they CHOOSE TO LIVE.  It is so very sad and unfortunate that too many reject even the concept that FOOD and Nutrition can have such a massive impact on their health.  They can reverse most chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes 2 and even cancer) if they just adjust their lifestyle.

We can show them and YOU how to do that.  Just give me a call and visit our Lifestyle site at We are here for YOU!

Skip Stein is a Lifestyle Counselor at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living in Central Florida, USA.  He works with his wife, Chef Nancy A. Stein to promote health, wellness and longevity with a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.

The best, most effective and inexpensive way to live/eat is to follow a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.  Not a ‘diet’ but a lifestyle approach that has no crazy restrictions and only suggests that eating vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds is the best, cheapest and most healthy way to eat and provide your body with the complete nutrition it needs to THRIVE. 

This book is the third in our series “Restoring America’s Health” and is a companion for older, seasoned citizens to learn how to venture into the kitchen, maintain their independence and stay healthy.