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Plant Based or Vegan
What is a plant-based diet, and how is it different from going vegan?

Terms and identifiers are confusing and change with time. The term ‘vegan’ used to be used to identify those individuals who eschewed all animal products as an act of protest and to protect animals from cruel treatment and slaughter. An interesting side effect was improved health for the HUMANS doing the protesting when they avoided all meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. While many continued to eat a lot of junk food, many more focused on vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds and as health improved, more and more people adopted these dietary approaches for purely health reasons (me being one of them over 10 years ago). I called it ‘nutritional vegan’ for lack of a better term.

As the health implications began to gain a stronger foothold, many, such as myself, seemed to be able to beat cancer (Cancer Survivor), then heart disease and diabetes 2; JUST by improving their eating habits. Weight loss was another biggie! As more and more people realized they could often reverse disease, simply by changing their eating habits, this developed into a Way of Life or Lifestyle. Not and never just a temporary ‘diet’ but a way of living that focused on Health, Wellness and Longevity. A way of Living the rest of your life! So began the Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.

A MASSIVE breakthrough came with the release of the movie: “Forks Over Knives” that documented the work by Dr. T. Collin Campbell and his massive study in China. For one of the first times, the public were exposed to the scientific study and evidence that showed that what you eat impacts your health. More and more studies have been done, scientifically Proving that eating plants and avoiding animal foodstuffs is a healthier way to Live. It, as a side effect, also lessens the horrible way animals are treated, slaughtered and fed to millions around the Planet.

Now, this approach to health is by no means ‘new’ at all. People have been living and eating a mostly Plant Based Lifestyle for decades and many for centuries (as the China Study Showed). The ‘Blue Zones’ were then made more visible; areas of the Planet where people ate and lived a mostly Plant Based Diet & Lifestyle. Few bother to note that such early adopters, like Dr. Max Gerson in Germany of the early 1940s, was reversing disease with a mostly plant based way of eating (see “The Gerson Miracle” available on many streaming sites).
Now we see whole organizations promoting a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine near Washington D.C. is one of our favorites. Certifications for Whole Food Plant Based way of living are now available from Powering a Sustainable Humanity.

The impact of the Whole Food Plant Based movement can be seen in every major grocery store in the US. Just examine the dairy case and see the dairy alternatives (milk, yogurt, butter - all have delicious alternatives). Even in the ‘meat case’ there are now meat alternatives and a plethora of alternatives are available in the freezer sections. This movement for HUMAN Health, Wellness, and Longevity is growing by leaps and bounds, simply because the Medical Industry has FAILED to address health of people and simply has devolved into a very profitable, but legal, drug-pushing trade where patients are treated to death, never cured and the CAUSE of these lifestyle diseases are never addressed.

A Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle is NOT a diet, but a way of life, living and longevity where you are Healthy, seldom if ever get sick, and in so many cases are able to reverse disease and remain healthy well into your 100’s.

What have you got to lose?
Give it a try! It is your LIFE we are talking about!!!