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Healthcare – Betting on a Looser

The Idiocy of Healthcare and the Politics – Penalized for Prevention and Good Health

Almost everyone pays for some sort of health insurance.  When you do, you place a bet that you WILL get sick and maybe die. That is the ONLY way you can ‘win’ and receive a payout on your bet.  Hell of a win, only getting a payoff when you are sick and dying?

Most Health Insurance Plans rewards ONLY sickness, disease and the treatment of them.  That is the only way you get a ‘payout’!   It’s the ONLY way your doctor gets paid!  Have you ever heard of a Health Insurance that actually promotes HEALTH?  The health insurance companies are placing a losing bet as long as they reward disease and never reward HEALTH. 

If you remain Healthy, vibrant and long lived, you are paying for all those folks who abuse their bodies, pollute their bloodstreams and consume deadly substances.  All those fat, sick and nearly dead folks, taking scores of medications, getting treatments for preventable diseases are costing YOU (if you are healthy) a small fortune!

During all the healthcare debates, everyone worries about covering ‘pre-existing’ conditions.  They worry about all those sick people and never seem to give a damn on how they might, just might, help PREVENT disease and keep people healthy.  It’s one HELL of a lot cheaper to maintain health than it is to treat diseases. 

But of course, the entire healthcare industry is founded and maintained by SICK PEOPLE, not healthy people.  The Federal/State/Local governments are in the same boat.  They subsidize the substances that are making people fat, sick and nearly dead!  In turn they receive nice political contributions from these same companies who are making people sick.

Then there is the focus on TREATMENT.  People all over are being Treated to DEATH everywhere you look.  Listen to the TV commercials advertising drugs (you would think that your doctor should prescribe to you, not you demand some drug from them!).  The interesting thing is, if you listen very carefully, that most every single one of these advertised drugs have horrendous side effects.  The most serious one is that they might KILL YOU!

Wonder WHY no one seems to talk about HEALTH and PREVENTING disease?  Well there is NO MONEY in health.  The truly disgusting thing is that Health is EASY to achieve.  YOU ARE BORN TO BE HEALTHY!  You are not designed to be fat, sick and dying.  But most people consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD) are really committing a slow suicide and making Million$ for the healthcare industry as they are treated to death.

The most common lifestyle diseases are Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes.  These are killing thousands every day.  The worst part is that that, in almost every case, these are Preventable and very often Reversible with a proper adjustment in Lifestyle and Nutrition.

Try to not be a victim of this broken and mostly corrupt healthcare industry.  They WANT you to be sick.  Much of the Food, Resturant and Agribusiness industry is focused on keeping You fat, sick and nearly (but not quite as then the cash flow ceases) dead.  They are working hand in hand and making a bloody FORTUNE on your illness.

Want to get back at them?  Want to get even?  It is SO easy and CHEAP.  Just stay healthy!  If you are sick, it is often a pretty straightforward program to Reverse your disease, especially if it is Lifestyle based.  You may even be able to restructure or eliminate some of your healthcare premiums.  Personally, we canceled our secondary coverage; we never use the healthcare system.  Why pay for something we don’t need or utilize.  We do recommend catastrophic insurance because you may have a car wreck, or experience some other rare situation where the magical ER Doctors will step up and fix you.

So, the message is, to you and the Healthcare Industry.  FOCUS on Prevention, not on treatment.  Learn to live a healthy lifestyle; it is SO easy and actually cheap!  Living a Healthy Lifestyle is FUN.  Remember, you are designed to be Healthy!  You have been given an almost miraculous immune system that has been designed to Keep You Healthy!  Don’t abuse and pollute this magical system with crap found in the Standard American Diet.