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People are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired.

Meat, Fish, Dairy, Egg Analogues

People, lots of people are finally waking up to the Fact that the Standard American Diet is killing them!  Addicted to fast, processed food with little nutritional value they are realizing that this crap is causing most of the lifestyle disease (cancer, heart disease, diabetes) and costing them a fortune in medical bills.  Surgeries and diabolical ‘treatments’ are barbaric and mostly ineffective; especially over any length of time.

Arteries continue to clog after a stent or bypass surgery, blood pressure is only reduced a small fraction by drugs that have horrendous side effects when a lifestyle change might drop your high blood pressure by 100 points in a matter of DAYS.

Cancers, all kinds, treated with deadly poison, cancer promoting radiation and barbaric/disfiguring surgeries only put a short delay, if any, on the progress or return of cancer.  A Lifestyle Change can not only prevent cancer, prevent it from recurring but may make that diabolical treatment unnecessary.

Diabetes 2 is ravaging young and old alike.  Diet based on crap brings out the old IT adage, “garbage in garbage out” and that is the result of the Standard American Diet.

Doctors?  They haven’t a clue, with rare exceptions.  They make massive amounts of money along with the healthcare industry by simple Treating People to Death.  They don’t understand or know, and most don’t want to know, how NUTRITION, simple Whole Food, can stop, reverse and prevent most of these diseases!

Proof?  Look at the marketplace and follow the money.  Dairy free ice creams, meatless meatballs, dairy free cheese and on and on are taking up more and more space at the grocery stores.  They don’t do that unless there is a Demand; and by God, there finally IS a growing demand to dump disease, get healthy and stop being treated to death!

People, YOU, are and have realized that fast food and overly processed 'food' from animal products are mostly toxic.  The picture I posted is ALL processed food as well but made from non-animal sources so no TMAO generated in the gut that causes cancer (see:

My lovely wife, Chef Nancy, castigated me for this picture but I was trying to show an economic view, not health.  All these products ARE processed but still remain MUCH better than the many processed animal products (see TMAO video above).  Dairy is deadly as T. Collin Campbell pointed out in the China Study years ago.  We suggest these type of processed non-meat, non-dairy, non-egg, non-fish alternatives as 'bridging foods' to a fully plant based lifestyle.  Beans, greens and brown/dark rice are so healthy and CHEAP you will save money; did I mention DELICIOUS?  So many ways to prepare wonderful foods.  My Chef Nancy has a Pinterest site with over 20,000 receipes and info:

Consider changing your diet and your lifestyle to a Plant Based Lifestyle.