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Looking for work when you are 77

You know, it is almost impossible to find work when you are over 70.  While we naturally lose some physical abilities, our MENTAL acuity usually increases if we take care of ourselves with proper diet.  In the USA, this accumulation of knowledge and mental skills and EXPERIENCE is usually disregarded as companies prefer the ‘younger’ demographic.

WE have much to offer.  Whether still in our own business or in a retirement home; the KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE is still tucked away in our brains.  I often attempt to encourage my grandkids to DO things with their lives.  They, for the most part, have NO idea what experiences and knowledge we (Grandma and Grandpa) have and have little interest in hearing about it.  Preferring mind-numbing cell phone or video games instead of exercising their minds.  We see them making mistakes that we could have helped them avoid; still understanding that they must learn from their mistakes.

Nancy and I have migrated through multiple careers, traveled widely across our Little Blue Marble, but the kids seem little interested.  As we grew older, we have had our failures and successes and issues to deal with.  Nancy became a gourmet plant-based chef after reaching 65 and I continue to write and counsel people after retiring my Consulting Company (after more than 30 years).  We both now write books to encourage health and wellness practices for young and old alike.

All this knowledge is just stagnating in our brains, yearning to be released for the benefit of our family, friends and strangers.  There are SO many more folks just like us.  There should be a way to offer and disseminate this knowledge and life experience to our kids, grandkids and great grandkids as other young minds that should be seeking knowledge as they build their own lives.

It is so very discouraging that we cannot help when we observe so many making tragic mistakes, and poor decisions.  While we do have some successes, we could do so much more if people would just want to learn.