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Advice to a Novice Approaching
A Plant Based Lifestyle

We encourage everyone to adopt a Plant Based Lifestyle so they can enjoy a Healthy, Energetic and Long Life.  The best way to accomplish this and just not get sick is to adopt a Lifestyle that focuses on eating plants: vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and the abundant wondrous spices that enhance the natural flavors of these foods.

You won't believe how great you will feel and NOT catching every cold, flu or sniffles that go around the office, school or grocery store with all those sick people will become second nature.  Preventing ailments like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more and even Reversing them if you are so afflicted will be amazing.  You will pave your future with Health, Wellness and Energy.

Most people just don't realize that they are actually addicted to the Standard American Deadly Diet that consists of high fat, high cholesterol, sugar and salt saturated foods.  You may have been raised that way, eating at the numerous fast food joints that are everywhere.

Like any addiction, a food addiction (Standard American Deadly Diet) has to be approached 'One Day at a Time'.  It is as much a mindset as it is a discipline and we found making sort of a game of it helps.  Focus on Whole Food, read labels and always ask questions.  Avoid overly processed 'food' as much as possible.  Keep it simple.  Beans, greens and brown rice will support your body; but it's more fun if you kick it up a notch with lots of garlic, spices and such.  Practice and learn how to make delicious tofu dishes to mix in with the rice, beans and greens (get a tofu press as described in Chef Nancy's book).  Try marinating and grilling tofu outside, add some mesquite chips and smoke it a while.  It won't get carcinogenic like beef does!

Make eating an adventure in experimentation of new delicious things.  Explore Chef Nancy's Pinterest site ( for loads of possibilities and over 20,000 recipes.  Her book, Restoring America’s Health, points you in the right simple direction to the simple steps to achieve a plant based lifestyle. You won't like it all.  I still don't like peas, but you have to TRY different things.  The good thing is that the food is cheap so if you screw up; just toss it and try again.  Not like your tossing out a $45 steak!

I will admit it is much easier for us; but hell, we have been doing this for 8 years!  It had better be easy!  If you give it a try for just 30 days, you will truly be AMAZED with the results.  Dairy is the worst, but meat, fish and eggs follow close behind.  Experiment with the meat analogues (Field Roast, Gardein, Beyond Meat, Daiya, So Delicious, etc.) as well as the many or the other meat and dairy alternatives.  They will help you bridge the gap in your journey to a healthier lifestyle.  These 'analog' foods are similar to the meat and dairy products you have become addicted to eating but are all plant based concoctions.  While they are processed they are way better than the 'real thing' that is the foundation of the Standard American Deadly Diet.

Just remember, you are fighting an addiction so treat it as a condition you must overcome.  The first week is the toughest and it gets easier from there.  Soon your taste buds will rebuild and flavors will begin to emerge you never experienced before.  Energy levels begin to rise and you just 'feel better'.  You WILL spend more time and frequency 'on the porcelain throne' so stock up on TP!

You will soon come to the realization that you just don't need the deadly stuff you have been eating, probably for most of your life.  You WILL lean to enjoy the fascinating world of Whole Foods the Plant Based Way and enjoy the delicious cuisine that will provide you with epicurean delights for the rest of your healthy and active life.

Life is an adventure.  Treat this as a new adventure into delicious Plant Based Cuisine and ENJOY.  Remember, you can reach out to Chef Nancy or myself at any time with questions, issues or just to say hi!