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Don't Wait for Stage IV

Are you suffering from cancer? Do you have a loved one struggling with a form of this vicious disease? Almost everyone knows someone who knows someone with cancer.
Cancer is presented in stages. Usually, stage 0 is early and encapsulated cancer; stage I is localized cancer, although further local spread may take it to stage II which usually includes spread to the nearest lymph nodes; stage III usually indicates more extensive lymph node involvement and stage IV or metastasis always indicates distant spread.
Stage IV is usually the final 'death sentence' for the patient and is traumatic for the patient and the family and friends. That is also when traditional medicine throwers in the towel and tells the patient to go home and die.
Further 'treatments' will no longer be done. The barbaric, horrendous treatments of surgery, chemo and radiation have done a complete job of destroying any hope of recovery by totally destroying the natural immune system of the patient. They have been treated to death and there is no more blood to be sucked from the stone!
This is the path and end result of traditional medical care for most cancer patients. At NO TIME were alternatives to these barbaric treatments presented. In most cases the patient is provided lovely sweet treats and food from a local burger shop to provide 'feel good' experience while undergoing the poisoning process of chemo therapy.  That is the Ugly Truth of Modern Cancer Treatments.
There IS Hope!

Yes, even at Stage IV, there IS hope. While it is always better to address cancer as early as possible, some cancers just don't manifest early, at stage 0. I can't go into all the alternatives and the case studies and histories of patients who have made TOTAL recoveries, even at stage IV in this small space, but there are THOUSANDS of cases of patients who have made full recoveries from all stages of cancer.
From the Gerson Clinic to the Burzynski Clinic and so many more, people have successfully been reversing cancer for decades and decades. As early as the 1940's Max Gerson was curing cancer in Germany. There are hundreds of clinics and treatment modalities offered and most are quite effective! You DO have to research, check/verify credentials but they are there.
Suppressed and often prosecuted for curing cancer these doctors and treatment specialists are seldom mentioned by your oncologist.  I have watched others suffer and die from the treatments, but seldom from the disease. In my case, my father suffered and died of prostate cancer while we watched. Now, diagnosed with the same dreaded disease, I CHOSE to reject the barbaric treatment I saw my father endure.

The Alternative

I researched, with my lovely wife, alternative therapies to the barbaric traditional ones recommended by my own oncologist. Yes, we found thousands and watched case histories of those who had conquered cancer; even at advanced stages. Decades later they are living vibrant and healthy lives. We went on Holistic Cruises with hundreds and hundreds of survivors and talked to them, asked questions and found solutions!
It gives you pause when you see this. When your doctor gives you a few years to live, sends you home to die, too many patients and their families just accept it. The doctor does NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!
My research clearly showed a standard common denominator or theme that all the successful survivors followed. ALL followed a Plant Based Lifestyle to recovery and health. From brain cancer to prostate cancer they all recovered; many healthier than ever before! I am one of those!
No matter what your situation, consider the alternatives. It will be the most serious decision you will ever make; it is a matter of life or death! Choose LIFE!