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I post a lot on many social sites.  I add these ‘Healthy Thoughts’ to many congratulatory messages (birthdays, work anniversaries, and new jobs).  Do you ever wonder why I do so?  I mean, it does take time and effort but, not only do I enjoy writing, I also am doing my best to “Pay It Forward” (based on the year 2000 movie of the same name that started a movement).

Many of you know, but some of you may not, that I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer back in 2010 and, at best, given 3 to 5 years to live.  That was WITH surgery, radiation and other barbaric practices.  Well, I’m a greedy fellow, and decided that was just not enough time to Live and be with my wonderful family.  Besides, who the hell wants to die?

After much research and a lot of soul searching as well as a history of cancer deaths in my family and my lovely wife Nancy’s family, we saw the horrendous side effects of barbaric treatments that were mostly worse than the disease.  I questioned whether they actually did ANY good.  Further research into, well damn near anything I could find, read, research, I discovered an amazing thing.  Cancer is CURABLE NOW.  Go Figure!

My research and discussion with a host of people, along with a wonderful Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise where we took classes for 7 days, I decided to totally reject conventional medical opinions and just embrace a Plant Based Lifestyle as my research uncovered thousands of others have done.  Since then there have been dozens of documentaries, movies and research supporting my decision. (Whew, sometimes you really have to wonder!)

Now, into our 10th+ year of following a strict Plant Based Lifestyle (NO meat, fish, dairy or eggs, no GMO or derivitives), both Nancy and I are healthier NOW than we were at 35.  Unbelievably true and we have the medical blood analysis to prove it (I keep everything!).  Not only am I still alive, but heck, both Nancy and I, both 74+, feel fantastic.  All our ailments have demised or disappeared (and there were a lot).  From, almost magical, weight loss, to reversal of Nancy’s fibromyalgia and heart disease, and control of my cancer, high cholesterol & blood pressure, we have more energy that we can contain.

We, together, have formed Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living along with several support enterprise sites (we are very on-line focused) we endeavor to inform others about what we have discovered, experienced and continue to embrace.  Was it easy?  Oh, hell no!  We had to figure it out step by step as we could find NO ONE to work with us or who really knew much about what we were trying to do here in Central Florida.

Nancy went back to school to become Certified in Plant Based Nutrition and I built web sites.  We now teach lifestyle classes to demonstrate how delicious nutritious food can truly be.  Chef Nancy’s Pinterest site has some 24,000 recipes and information dealing with a Plant Based Lifestyle and she has over 24,000 followers.  She also hosts a MeWe site where she posts recipes along with other members of our group.  We lecture and give seminars just about anywhere we can and offer our services (both culinary and educational) services across the USA.  Heck, we even started a Plant Based Travel enterprise to document some of our road trip hiking adventures.  So, saying we are ‘active’ is hardly sufficient to describe our daily lives.

Oh, almost forgot, Nancy wrote her first Book by ‘Chef Nancy’ called “Restoring America’s Health ~ Simple Steps to a Plant Based Lifestyle”, available at Barnes & Nobel as well as Amazon.  We have published a couple of others and formed our own Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living Publishing enterprise.  I also publish these and other articles I have written here and for MedCrave Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Engineering. Recently I wrote my 'cancer story' and included a 10 year diary of just what I did to stay alive, regain my health and hope others can learn from some of my hard won lessons: Collected Essays of a Cancer Survivor: A Nutritional Holistic Survivor's Story.

Most chronic diseases are lifestyle diseases of modern day Americans can be traced back to the lousy Standard American Deadly Diet that so many/most consume or contaminants found in the workplace and in the home. Charlotte Gerson from the Gerson Institute: “You can't keep one disease and heal two others - when the body heals it heals everything”. This will apply not only to cancer but to most of the other chronic lifestyle diseases we see in America Today.  

So, we are pretty busy to say the least.  I just wanted to explain why we do what we do.  It is our way to say Thanks to all of our friends and family who, while they think we are crazy, are very supportive.  This is our way to try to help others Live Long and Prosper.
Paying it Forward!

Chef Nancy and I have been really busy.  We have published several books and have several more in the works for 2023.  Check out this Publishing site for details and links.   These books are available on Amazon.

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