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You Have Cancer

These are the three words no one wants to ever hear; but most of us DO have cancer. We just don't know it! Well I do, as I had a biopsy and I DO have cancer; at least I did!
Most people just don't realize that everyone has cancer. Cancer is only detected because it has taken hold and grown to a size that can be detected and might already be causing problems with your bodily functions.
By this time, boy are you in trouble! Once cancer takes a foothold, it is like a beachhead and getting it off the beach is a tough battle and you need to Fight to regain your health!
How you Choose to do that is the real issue. Today's traditional medical 'treatment' protocols never, ever actually produce a CURE. They treat and treat and lengthen your life while making you sick and often wishing to die. Current medical evaluation says that if you live 5 years after first diagnosis, you are cured! Bullshit!
No one is ever cured, even those who think they never have or have had cancer. Your body is a constant battleground about which most people have no clue. Your body is constantly battling viruses, bacterial infections, inflammation and yes, cancer. Winning the ongoing battles is not truly a victory, just a series of small victories that you win so you don't exhibit symptoms of a disease!
Who is fighting your battles in your body? Your immune system, which is mostly in your gut. Your GUT where the food you stuff in your face goes to be digested. Feed your army crap and they loose the urge to fight and often loose the battle. Feed your army great Whole Food and they are armed and ready to do battle. It is a Choice YOU make.
Conventional medicines that 'treat' cancer pretty much destroy your immune system along the way. Chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments destroy your body's natural ability to fight disease; especially cancer. In many oncologists office, you will see candy dishes! That is like pouring fuel on the fire of your cancer. In hospital rooms, you find Ensure; sugar is one of the major ingredients in a bottle of Ensure, second only to water. Now since sugar feeds Cancer, is this such a great idea?
So what are you to do? Your oncologist will, not doubt, encourage you to rush to 'treatment'. Recommending surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and more; often all of them, either in combination or in series. These are horrendous and barbaric treatments, like using a nuclear bomb to clear an ant hill! These 'treatments' often do more damage than help.
Then there is the aftermath of the destructive 'therapies'. Left weakened with little or no immune system, many cancer patients contract pneumonia or other diseases, experience failures of internal organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) and most often die of 'complications' NOT CANCER.
So what should you do? I am not a medical practitioner but have experience this set of choices and I chose None of The Above! Nope, I did my research! I reviewed journals, internet articles, viewed documentaries and other video presentations, talked to a series of specialists and more. Then I found the 'alternative' medical journals and practices. That was the key factor in my decision!
I talked to past patients (hard to find as few oncologists like you talking to their patients!) who had had these treatments. My own father died from complications of treatment for prostate cancer as did my mother-in-law some years ago. I saw the devastating impact of the traditional treatments they endured before succumbing to a not so graceful death.
Then I talked to others, who rejected the barbarism of 'modern medicine' and chose a more natural path of healing by focusing on the CAUSE not the symptom of their disease. (this works for everything, not just cancer!)
I talked to people, patients and again watched videos and researched, researched and researched some more. What I found was a common denominator of most of the 'natural' approaches to cancer what that a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle and diet was the key. So that is what I did and so far, several years after my predicted death (even with 'treatment) I am healthier NOW that ever before.
So, why not STOP the cancer in it's tracks NOW and not wait until the doctor finds that lump or your experience the symptoms of the disease (any disease). Address the CAUSE not the symptoms and avoid disease by changing/adjusting your lifestyle NOW and not later?
It really is pretty easy and beats the hell out of several rounds of chemo! Consider just changing what you eat! So easy and SO delicious you will seldom miss the crap that you have been ingesting and you Will Feel Marvelous in a very short time. More energy, less disease! What a deal!