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Living Drug/Medicine Free is Truly a Wonderful Life!

As we approach the Holiday Season, many will watch the Jimmy Stewart movie, “A Wonderful Life” with Clarence the angel.  George tells Mary that he will give her the moon: “Well, then you can swallow it, and it'll all dissolve, see... and the moonbeams would shoot out of your fingers and your toes and the ends of your hair.” and that pretty much describes how you feel when you change to a Plant Based Lifestyle!

It is a terrific feeling to never, NEVER have to be medicated, not even aspirin.  When you just don't get sick, say healthy and energetic there just is no need.  Think of how much time/money you would save if you NEVER had to buy a prescription drug?  Think of those 'sick days' that could better have been spent hiking or surfing?  The Majority, of people in the USA just do NOT understand that the human body is designed to be HEALTHY, not sick.  No need to ever be 'sick'.

The human body is designed to be HEALTHY, not sick.  Most doctors practice medicine under the assumption that everyone gets sick and seldom, if ever, consider that this is NOT a natural state of affairs.  Doctors always see ‘patients’ which refers to people who are sick and need care to correct a physical imbalance.  They have contracted a disease, virus, bacteria or debilitating ailment, that has damaged the health of the body.  So, doctors prescribe drugs, therapies and surgeries to ‘correct’ the problem.

Health Insurance Companies exist to pay for medical treatments for Sick People and spend untold billion$ doing so.  Doctors profit as do institutions, pharmaceutical and medical instrument companies from the treatment of disease.  There are MASSIVE PROFITS from treating people to death, but seldom a dime is spent to PREVENT disease.

People, that means YOU, are NOT designed to be sick.  The entire medical industry is upside down in its approach, focused on treating diseases that should have never, ever occurred.  PREVENTION is the key to a healthy body and a healthy planet.  Before you complain, I recognize that some diseases are not caused by lifestyle and that they are often caused by exposure to environmental toxins; but they too can be prevented/limited.  There are genetic diseases as well but in many cases, it is Genetics that Loads the Gun, but Lifestyle Pulls the Trigger.

As we enjoy this Holiday Season with family and friends, contemplate what your ‘New Year’s Resolution’ will be.  Consider changing to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle and just DON'T get sick!  Live Long and Prosper for the rest of your long, energetic life!

It Truly Can Be a Wonderful Life