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Cancer-an Old Fart’s Story

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I found this site ( while perusing articles/postings on LinkedIn today (2015.11.28). As a Nutritional Holistic prostate cancer survivor/conqueror, I often explore other cancer sites and information. I will be 70 next year (yea really, really an old fart@!) and the experts said I would be DEAD some three years ago; no matter what course of ‘treatment’ I would pursue.

I decided to do ‘nothing’, well at least not with traditional cancer ‘treatments’. They seemed pretty barbaric when I explored them and interviewed countless oncologists, therapists etc. It seemed that the treatment was worse than a potential ‘cure’ that usually never happens if you really research.

I know, any of you young folks reading this figure that prostate cancer is an old man’s disease, and that is true but Cancer IS Cancer and there is a reason I got it, and I sort of know what caused it! I did it to myself! Not a mystical curse, just poor nutrition/dietary choices and a sedentary lifestyle. Yea, I’m a computer geek and have been for over 45 years~

Recognizing the problem and seeking to take CONTROL of my life and my treatment program has enabled me to, not only survive, but THRIVE. Over the past few years, my lovely wife of 30 years, and I have hiked in the mountains and deserts across America (see; something we would never have dreamed of doing before my cancer diagnosis.

Back to cancer, yea it is always there. It is there in everyone but often does not take a beachhead until your natural immune system in compromised. The immune system is the KEY to health & longevity and is usually totally ignored by most doctors, oncologists and the rest. In your research, ask and check out how many people actually die of the cancer! Most unfortunate folks actually die from complications of the ‘treatment’ that destroys the immune system.

Since your immune system is determined by what you eat, eating crap, fast food and the like, well you get what you pay for and you really ARE what you eat. Building/restoring your immune system, is the single most important KEY in your survival and longevity! Doing so is best supported by a Plant Based Lifestyle and Diet/Nutrition; check it out!

Even if you choose a traditional approach to ‘treatment’, focusing on nutrition to re-balance and support your natural immune system will be beneficial and since it is just ‘food’ your doctor won’t worry about it. Explore the benefits of a Plant Based diet and lifestyle; it represents a delicious selection of healthy cuisine that you will enjoy and your body will benefit dramatically.

Take it from this ‘old fart’ who has cancer but plans to live to 130! Setting goals are important and a Plant Based Lifestyle has allowed me to set challenging goals that I truly believe are achievable.

Attitude is more than half the battle. Take CONTROL of your life and treatment. Do NOT let them bully you into a program before YOU decide that is best for YOU. Young people have loving families who want you to LIVE and might believe that one treatment program or another is best for you. Listen to them. Listen to the doctors. Research, research and research some more. Talk to other cancer survivors and ask them how they did it! Then, and only then, decide on a proper treatment protocol that fits YOUR lifestyle.