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Eat to Die or Eat to Live?
A Choice Everyone Makes.

Sounds horrible doesn’t it?  Who wants to eat to hasten death?  But the sad fact is that many (most?) Americans have a lousy diet and exit on the Standard American Deadly Diet.  Every day, the fast food joints are full, drive-throughs bumper to bumper while people await their burgers, fries and sodas.  In the evenings pizza delivery cars/trucks course the byways delivering death in a box.

Tragically, most people also understand that this diet is truly deadly but continue consuming these harmful substances, seemingly happily, as their arteries clog, their blood sugar spikes and cancers grow in their bodies; too small to be detected but they are there.  Even when faced with facts from thousands of studies, papers, documented evidence and in the light of places like the rare ‘Blue Zones’ around the planet, people seemingly just don’t care and happily consume these ‘foods’ that they KNOW are not healthy.

They mistakenly think it won’t be THEM who drops dead from a heart attack/stroke.  No, not me who will be diagnosed with breast, prostate, pancreatic cancer.  No, not me facing foot/leg amputation because of ravaging diabetes.   Never me; it’s always the poor ‘other guy/gal’.

Well you are WRONG.  It WILL BE YOU next time.  It is inevitable, if you continue to eat crap your body will turn into crap.  Your body is constantly struggling to rebuild itself 24 X 7 and the tools & building blocks are what you eat.  Want to live in a house built of fat, salt, sugar and toxins?  OR, would you rather rebuild yourself with strong fibrous materials full of nutrients that will build a strong, healthy energized body?  These are not silly questions, they are the FACTS that YOU must and DO face every time you open your pie hole and put something down your gullet.

Allopathic Medicine & Drugs are NOT the answer!

These same people often say, my doctor will save me.  I can take statins for my high cholesterol.  I can take metformin for my diabetes, chemo will kill the cancer.  Bypass operations will replace my clogged arteries and stents will keep them open.  Go ahead and believe the commercials; but they are FALSE FLAGS luring you into an early, often horrible, death.  And to put this in perspective, 614,000 patients die from heart disease and 591,000 from cancer, making medical errors the third leading cause of death. More people die from medical errors than from lung diseases (147,000 deaths), from stroke (133,000 deaths) or from accidents (136,000 deaths).  Make you feel better? (Reference:

Most regular doctors receive little or no training in simple dietary nutrition.  Poor nutrition is the leading cause of the major lifestyle disease like cardio/pulmonary disease, cancer and diabetes; while diabetes contributes to both.  These leading causes of death and disability, not to mention horrendous expen$e are, for the most part, entirely PREVENTABLE and in many cased fully reversible.  But you will never hear this from the medical industry that pumps billion$ of drugs into the population, preforms thousands of, often unnecessary, surgeries.

For centuries, early humans would consult the local ‘Witch Doctor’ who would prescribe herbs, tonics and root medicines to cure many ailments.  Later cannabis became a popular remedy for a plethora of ailments.  Now these very effective remedies are considered ‘voodoo’ and ‘old wives tales’ and those practitioners and your great grandmother, are now gone.  Corrupt governments with the aid of major drug manufacturers have long warred against natural medicines that, in many cases, are MORE effective than the patented drugs and have none of the deadly side effects of many of the prescription (often addictive) drugs prescribed by your local physician.

So where do you find the magic cures to prevent your early death?  How about the produce section in your local grocery store?  Who to consult for guidance?  How about a local Plant Based Chef specializing and certified in plant-based cuisine?  You may find that the ‘medicine’ is not only effective but it is DELICIOUS and the side effects are not deadly, but energizing and healthy.  What a concept, Health Through FOOD, not drugs, surgery and chemicals!

The choice is entirely yours.  Your life and, more often than not, the lives of your family are in your hands; or better put, in your kitchen pantry.  Will you continue to pollute your body and face an often-horrible painful death or will you live, like those in the Blue Zones, a long and energetically happy life?

Eat to Live or Eat to Die?
The Choice is YOURS!