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We are Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living

We are Chef Nancy and Skip Stein and form the foundation of Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.  Our  company serves to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle with Plant Based Whole Food Cuisine.  We offer counseling, training and seminars, not only in Central Florida, but just about anywhere.  We make frequent Road Trips to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle and offer to lecture, present and counseling to individuals and organizations along the way.

We found that there are a lot of 'cookbooks' that show you how to prepare delicious plant based (vegan) meals but few that discuss the Lifestyle, its benefits and just how to embark on this Delicious Journey into Health, Wellness and Longevity.  So we started writing and found ourselves with a series on our hands as well as other promotional books to help you understand and prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family.

Why Whole Foods?  Why the number '4'?  Why Healthy Living?
Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living is a Florida based enterprise that believes that Nutrition is the Key to Healing, Health & Longevity.  Whole Foods are complete with all the nutritional goodness that we as humans need to thrive, not just survive. The number '4' is for the four things we avoid: Meat, Fish, Dairy and Eggs.  We offer a Healthy Living lifestyle program supported by delicious Plant-Based Cuisine that allows you to enjoy tasty, inexpensive, as well as nutritious/healthy, meals that will promote health, wellness and longevity.
As we learned and experienced the wonders of what this new Lifestyle can and did for us, we wanted to sort of Pay It Forward.  This link will take you to a more detalied definition of our mission.

Paying It Forward!