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The Simple Solution To Planetary Environmental Issues

There are thousands of people all over the Planet who are concerned with Global Warming, World Hunger, Water Supplies, Pollution, Environmental Disasters, Deforestation, Species Diversity Decline, Plant Diversity Decline and Bio-Diversity in general. The list goes on but that should be enough to convey the idea that the Planet DOES have issues that We, as humans, must deal with or perish from this Earth.
It is NOT all Gloom and Doom; no matter what the corrupt politicians say. All the Global Resource meetings, like the Kyoto Meeting and others will and really can do little to nothing to actually correct the actual situation of pollution and environmental disasters either real or perceived!
ALL of these idiots, and yes they are either idiots or just corrupt power hungry politicians, have no real clue or choose to actively ignore the Real Elephant in the Room; almost literally! The Single one, most significant, important, critical and major contributor to ALL of the aforementioned issues is simple: Humans Eat Animals.
It is a fact that none will argue and almost everyone ignores as the single major contributor to all of these issues, perceived and real. Here are some quick statistics (and yes they are supportable):
  • Animal Agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions; more than the combined exhaust from ALL transportation.
  • Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of CO2 per year; that is 51% of ALL worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Cows produce 150 billion gallons of methane per day and 65% of all human-related emissions of nitrous oxide.
  • Animal Agriculture consumes from 34 to 76 trillion gallons of water annually. Fracking only uses about 70 billion gallons annually.
  • Feed crops for livestock consumes 56% of all water used in the USA.
  • More than 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef and it takes 14 to 16 months of care and feeding before a cow can be slaughtered for meat.
There are hundreds of other statistics that can be listed. Some of which deal with the amount of land devoted to raising feed for all the animals humans consume. Forests are cleared for grazing land and feed production. Waterways are polluted with runoff from fecal waste from animal agriculture; none of which is processed or regulated. Water is polluted by this waste as well as the excreted drugs and antibiotics fed or injected to maintain some reasonable level of health for the animals.
With all the evidence of how animal consumption contributes to the environmental issues ranted and raved about today, ALL government regulations and accords, in all countries exempt animal agriculture from ANY regulation, control or reduction. Political figures the World around, including one of the loudest, President Obama, don’t do Anything to address the Real Elephant in the Room!
Animal Agriculture and the consumption of animals for food is THE biggest contributors to Worldwide pollution; yet it is totally ignored. ALL of these issues can be dramatically impacted by simply reducing or eliminating animal agriculture. In all the accords, environmental regulations and other laws in every Country, Animal Agriculture is EXEMPTED from ALL controls and Never Even Addressed!
The Simple, Easy, Cheap and Quick SOLUTION to all these issues is simply Plant Based Nutrition. Proven to increase health & wellness, moving towards a more focused Plant Based Lifestyle of Delicious and Nutritious FOOD is the KEY.
No, it won’t and can’t happen overnight but it could happen relatively quickly IFF someone begins to address the issue. As long is this Major Issue is ignored, swept under the rug by corrupt governments and political self-serving idiots there will Never be Progress!
The next time some Environmentalist Wacko talks about ‘Global Warming’ and more fear mongering, just as them what they eat, are they Vegan or Plant Based? Most will ignore the question, walk away or divert to another topic; NONE will address the Elephant in the Room!
Plant Based FOOD is the Answer!