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Cost of Disease

We all know that doctors, hospitals and treatment centers for disease are very expensive!  But how expensive are they?

  • Heart bypass surgery typically costs about $70,000-$200,000 or more, and heart valve replacement surgery typically costs $80,000-$200,000 or more. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, the total cost of a heart transplant can reach almost $800,000 or more.

  • The costs for chemotherapy can vary as well, with some estimates as high as $30,000 over an eight-week period. The average cost for an initial treatment is approximately $7,000. Expenses differ depending on the drugs, the stage of the cancer and other factors specific to each patient.

  • The total estimated cost of diagnosed diabetes in 2012 is $245 billion, including $176 billion in direct medical costs and $69 billion in reduced productivity. The largest components of medical expenditures are: hospital inpatient care (43% of the total medical cost), prescription medications to treat complications.

These are the worst-case scenarios that do NOT include the treatment, drugs and rehab that most often go along with these procedures.  Then there is the ramp up costs, the statins for high cholesterol, blood pressure and high blood sugar.  This is just for these three lifestyle diseases and do not address the numerous of other lifestyle diseases from which American’s suffer.

  • Cold and flu viruses count for about 75 to 100 million physician visits every year which equals about $7.7 Billion dollars.

  • The medical care costs of obesity in the United States are high. In 2008 dollars, these costs were estimated to be $147 billion. The annual nationwide productive costs of obesity obesity-related absenteeism range between $3.38 billion ($79 per obese individual) and $6.38 billion ($132 per obese individual).

  • The average cost of gastric bypass surgery is$23,000, the average cost of lap band is $14,500, and the average cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is$14,900.

Prescription drug spending in the U.S. ballooned last year to nearly $374 billion, which was not only a hefty 13.1% increase in growth, but also represented the highest level of spending since 2001, according to a new report from IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.  This does NOT count Americans spending almost $34 Billion on Over the Counter (OTC) drugs to self-treat minor ailments of sore throat, minor colds/flu and other ailments.

The Awareness Factor and Lifestyle Disease

Most if not all of the above diseases and treatments are, for the most part, unnecessary and PREVENTABLE. These are considered Lifestyle diseases for a reason.  Most people know that smoking will eventually cause disease (COPD, Cancer, Emphysema) because it has been drummed into them for decades and is labeled on every pack of cigarettes and most other tobacco products.

But what about these lifestyle diseases?  Most Americans do NOT relate the causal effects of Lifestyle upon their diseases.  The medical industry has convinced Americans that disease, illness and sickness is somehow normal.  We are bombarded with TV commercials for prescription drugs that physicians SHOULD be expert with; not the consumer demanding them.  Most ignore the debilitating and horrendous Side Effects (the most egregious is DEATH).

Most kids when eating a meal do not know where their food comes from (except from the grocery store), not what it actually IS.  How many kids realize that their chicken Nuggets is from a CHICKEN (a once live feathered creature)?  When you ask a child what a potato is they will often say French fries and have no idea that a potato is a vegetable that grows in the ground and not at the local fast food joint.  For that matter, most adults seldom relate what they put in their mouth from where it comes from or its original form (whether from animal or plant).

This disconnect between the food Americans eat and what it actually IS, has been promulgated by the packaged food industry and the fast food giants.  Colonel Chicken does not display a picture of a bird/chicken on its buckets, but uses a nice picture of a kindly old gentleman.  The local burger joint doesn’t have a picture of a cow and the local BBQ place doesn’t show a picture of a pig.  They never show how the animals are raised, slaughtered and brought to your table; nor do they explain the health risks endemic in every bite.  Animals are prepared in factor farms, fed genetically modified feed stuffs to fatten them up, pumped full of growth hormones and tons of antibiotics to keep the milk flowing or to speed maturation to slaughter and to keep them alive, mostly disease free, until slaughter. 

Plants are not immune to nasty stuff either.  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) plants are soaked with glyphosate constantly and fungicides are used in copious amounts.  BT Corn is actually a registered Pesticide! Even non-GMO plants like wheat is soaked before harvesting with glyphosate (Round Up) to speed desiccation so the harvest and process to market can be expedited.

The cross-contamination of soy, corn and other GMO crops is pervasive as the wind. These species are FOREVER contaminated. There is NO RECALL when it comes to genetic engineering; once released it spreads like wildfire. We may never have edible/safe corn again; same with soy. One reason organic corn and soy is expensive is that it is becoming a rarity to find uncontaminated crops.

The overuse of pesticides in the fields, the factory animal farms both contribute to massive erosion and soil/water contamination. We are all drinking glyphosate in the water, it falls upon us all in the rain and it is pervasive in the environment.  All these toxins and more in our industrial environment contribute to pollution, contamination and result in contributing to all the aforementioned lifestyle diseases.

How Have We Survived?

It is an amazing feat that humanity has survived this onslaught of disease, pestilence, toxins and other self-inflicted poisons that contribute or are the root cause of our lifestyle disease epidemic.  It borders on the miraculous that humanity continues to, for the most part, continue to exist.

You may wonder just how we have survived? What miracle has allowed us to fight off many diseases and rid ourselves of the constant exposure to environmental toxins that are knowingly dumped into our environment, fed to you and your children and yourselves.

It is the miracle of the human body and its most amazing defense system; the Immune System we all have, and when operating at full efficiency can to really amazing things.  The Liver, Lungs and Kidneys cleanse the blood of toxins and remove them from our body.  Our intestines process the food we eat and eliminate the waste products from our cells.  The gestalt of our life processes has been designed to combat disease, toxic exposure and heal from injury.  It is a truly amazing feat of engineering that most people totally ignore.

Most Medical Professionals give little credit to the natural processes that have allowed humanity to survive for thousands of years; it is just not taught in most medical schools.  They have no training in Nutrition or the Power of Whole Food that sustains human life.  They give no credit to the power of the natural immune system but prefer to believe that their drugs, surgeries and treatments are the reason people continue to live; not thrive just live.  The medical profession ignores the Power of FOOD and continues their barbaric modality of treating people to death; all for profit and actually seldom succeed in curing the patient; just prolonging the agony.

The medical industry has long been co-opted, dare I say corrupted, by a synchronization with the many industries that feed a constant stream of patients made ill by the massive agricultural, chemical, GMO and processed/packaged food industry.  The pharmaceutical industry continues to make billion$ inventing new drugs that, more often than not, may be more harmful than the diseases they purport to treat.  The side effects of drug interaction are never tested and produce unpredictable results in thousands of patients.  Addictive drugs are prescribed by doctors and has led to a massive addiction problem in the USA.  As long as there is profit flowing in, there is little hope that this will change.

The Solution is Simple

Yes, the solution to so many of the human lifestyle diseases and planetary pollution is so simple.  A single solution can solve so many of our ills and issues that continue to plague humanity.  The Simple, Easy, Cheap and Quick SOLUTION to all these issues is simply Plant Based Lifestyle & Whole Food Nutrition. Proven to increase health & wellness, moving towards a more focused Plant Based Lifestyle of Delicious and Nutritious WHOLE FOOD is the KEY.

It is a fight for the very survival of humanity.  The destruction of bio-diversity, depletion of soil and pollution/contamination that has been done by massive agricultural conglomerates, GMO multi-nationals (Monsanto/Bayer) and others have done damage that will take decades/centuries to repair and that can ONLY begin when America and the Planet realize that pollution of GMO, toxic pesticides like glyphosate and the latest, even more deadly 2,4-D/glyphosate combo, will be in the environment for decades.  THIS is what is making America Fat, Sick, Lethargic and nearly DEAD.

Healing can only begin by STOPPING the use of deadly chemicals on/in your food and YOU MUST do it by refusing to purchase these toxic poisons that are slowly killing YOU and your Family.  Buy Organic whenever possible, avoid GMO contamination at ALL costs, reduce/eliminate the consumption of animal products and help repair the planet, gain/regain your health & natural longevity.

No, it won’t and can’t happen overnight but it could happen relatively quickly IFF WE begin to address the issue. As long is these Major Health and environmental issues are ignored, swept under the rug by corrupt governments and political self-serving idiots, there will Never be Progress towards healing Ourselves and our Planet!

Plant Based Natural Whole FOOD is the Answer!


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