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A Modest Proposal
A Radical Approach to Healthcare

What if we started holding people responsible for their own actions, lifestyle choices and health decisions?  What if health insurance premiums (both government and private/corporate) required annual physicals where the results determined how much you paid?  What if premiums were significantly higher for those people who CHOSE to make unhealthy choices in how they lived, what they ate and what they put in their body?  What if staying healthy earned you a significant discount; simply because you seldom have to use the healthcare system?

We KNOW, people who smoke have a MUCH higher risk of contracting cancer and heart disease.  We KNOW that people who over indulge in high fat foods, gain weight are more likely to contract diabetes 2, heart disease and cancer.  We KNOW that people who eat high fat foods, meats and dairy suffer from lifestyle diseases.  There are thousands of studies that support this with studies conducted world-wide.

I never would advocate for legislation or control or try to tell someone how to live their life, what they could eat or anything else.  BUT, what if there were consequences to their choices?  What IF healthcare premiums were adjusted based on lifestyle?  Not on disease, pre-existing conditions or accidental bodily damage, but when people CHOOSE to eat crap, smoke, do harmful drugs, that they KNOW they are endangering their life and health.

WHY should I or YOU pay for their lousy lifestyle choices?  What if we propose a ‘Modest Proposal for Responsibility’ for Actions people take.  Smoke if you want but your premiums will go up.  Eat all the meat, fish, dairy and eggs you want but when your cholesterol goes through the roof, YOU pay for your own drugs; not your insurance.  If you require a bypass operation because you ate fatty foods, clogged your arteries and were grossly overweight because of your chosen diet; Again, YOU figure out how to pay dramatically higher premiums.

Lifestyle diseases are killing people by the thousands.  Medical costs are skyrocketing.  Drugs are so common, even kids are on multiple prescription meds for high cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure.  Then there are the cancers and other diseases that can be proven to be linked to lifestyle and dietary CHOICES.  These are ALL PREVENTABLE, so shouldn’t people take responsibility and be required to pay for their choices instead of billing people who CHOOSE to live healthier lifestyle and NOT NEED medical services? Many/most of these lifestyle diseases are also REVERSABLE if people CHOOSE to change their lifestyle.  It is pretty easy and relatively quick.

SO, I propose a substantial DISCOUNTS for those of us who CHOOSE a lifestyle focused on health & wellness; not requiring drugs, treatments or much of anything besides an annual checkup.  I work hard to maintain MY health, so why should I pay for someone’s drugs, surgeries, chemo, radiation who CHOSE to eat crap, overindulge, drink too much alcohol and ruin their liver, arteries, kidneys or brain?

The current healthcare system rewards disease and penalizes health.  Doctors only get paid to treat people, NOT for keeping people healthy.  Hospitals get paid billion$ to treat people to death.  Maybe it’s time to reward HEALTH!?!  Focus on Prevention, not treatment.

If you are a teenager you pay higher car insurance rates. I you have a home on the coast, you pay a higher home insurance rate (if you can get insurance). This is no different. You just can't claim to eat healthy, if your blood analysis says differently. If you break the scales you can't float and be lighter. If your triglycerides are over 300 (mine are under 40) you can't hide it. People have to take physicals to get life insurance; so why not for health insurance?