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Americans Don't Know How to Eat

“95% of Americans Don’t Know How to Eat”
This is a quote from Caldwell B. Esselstyn, in the recently released documentary: “Eating You Alive”.  Boy, is Dr. Esselstyn correct.  In our practice, we see people killing themselves with ‘food’ every day.  From the grocery store to the drive throughs, people are literally lining up to commit slow and painful suicide.
The obvious ones are in line at fast food drive throughs where the ‘food’ should hardly even be considered as a food; but more as a toxic poison.  Then there are the grocery store checkout lines.  People line up with carts full of cholesterol, fats, sugar and salt.  They could probably save money by just buying sacks of sugar, lard and pesticides and guzzle them down.  Probably won’t kill them any sooner and the ‘food’ they are eating.
I know people will think I’m nuts but heck, I’m in great company.  Not only Dr. Esselstyne but Dr. T. Collin Campbell, Dean Ornish, Dr. John McDougal The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Kaiser Permanente Hospital group and many others.  More and more individuals and companies are realizing that too many Americans are simple too fat, sick and dying.  The most common is heart disease; from cardiovascular disease to heart attacks and deadly strokes. Then there are the cancers; they are everywhere and cancer centers are as common as those fast food joints.  Diabetes, seems like everyone has it, knows someone who does or are simply ‘pre-diabetic’.
This predominance of illness and early death (yes, we all know someone who died too young!) is way too common.  It is ALL caused by LIFESTYLE, the life you lead the food you eat and the way you go about your daily inactivity (yes, the opposite of activity!).  And don’t give me the genetic argument; no one is destined to die of horrible disease; we are designed to be HEALTHY.  Genetics may load the gun but it’s your lifestyle that pulls the trigger!
Today it is mostly lifestyle that is killing people.  Sure, there are horrible and often terminal diseases out there but in many to most cases they are extremely rare. It is the COMMON diseases that are creating the problem and they are, for the most part, PREVENTABLE and/or REVERSABLE.  All the arguments about the USA Healthcare System is so misguided and on the totally wrong path it would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic and EXPENSIVE.
We literally, as a Country, spend TRILLION$ every single year.  Spend?  I should say WASTE.  All this money is just useless dollars chasing after a false trail that only leads to death.  Yes, most Americans are sick and they are being Treated to DEATH by a medical industry more interested in profits than cures.  More pills, surgeries and barbaric treatments that only focus on SYMPTOMS and not the CAUSE of disease.
Not only 95% of Americans don’t know how to eat they don’t know how to LIVE.  A healthy Lifestyle should produce vitality, mental clarity, ENERGY and love of LIFE; not lethargy, disease and early death.
What IS the answer to all this idiocy with Americans embracing disease and refusal to eat better, more nutritious and wholesome food?  The simple answer is that NO ONE TOLD THEM!  Yes, American’s are NOT stupid, just poorly informed; indoctrinated by TV advertisements for crap food, medicines with side effects include DEATH and a plethora of ignorant/uninformed doctors who have NO CLUE about what they are doing; they are just very expensive pill dispensers.
No, I’m not against all doctors, just most of them.  Many really aren’t that stupid, they are either too lazy or indoctrinated by their lousy education that only taught them to Treat Symptoms and not seek the CAUSE and CURE.  It’s too easy for them to just write a prescription, do a surgery or blast a patient with a close to lethal dose of radiation.  To them it’s just “in the book” and few ever question just WHY people don’t get better.
The ignorance is either willful (for profit) or just a case of pervasive laziness and unwillingness to study and LEARN the TRUTH.  The sad fact that most doctors really don’t understand how the human body, much less, how the natural immune system functions.  How gut bacteria is the HOME of the immune system and if contaminated will cease to function. THAT is why people are sick!
Yes, I rant and rave to anyone who will listen.  My lovely wife (a Chef, Certified in Plant Based Nutrition) has written a book: “Restoring America’s Health” that, not only tells Our story of recovery and survival, but provides simple, cost saving, steps how to achieve a healthier lifestyle with Plant Based Food.  It is easy and DELICIOUS and NOT a diet; they Never work.  It is a Lifestyle Change for HEALTH & WELLNESS.
Why be sick when you can be healthy?  Why not save 30% of your monthly grocery bill? Why not eat as much as you want and stay healthy?  Why not enjoy Delicious Cuisine by simply making adjustments to your favorite meals.