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Money in the Bank but You Feel Like Shit?
Your Health is Your Wealth

How many successful people, the rich and famous, the leaders of Nations, have so much money but feel like crap all the time?  Sure, they thrive in the fast-paced world of business, arbitrage and the markets; but are they really happy?  Many sure are not healthy.  How many drugs, anti-depressants, antacids, high blood pressure meds, statins for cholesterol and more do they take every single day?

How many of these Titans of Industry have died of sudden heart attacks, cancer, complications from diabetes 2 and more?  How many suffer these debilitating illnesses that are the earmarks of Lifestyle Disease but fail to do anything to correct the problems by eliminating the CAUSE?  Sure, they have all the money to see the best doctors, take expensive medications and have the best surgeons crack open their chests, rummage around and patch up failed/clogged arteries but is THIS healthy?

  • Rob Fulbright, a longtime Florida Hospital executive, died after suffering a sudden cardiac. He was 47.
  • Dave Goldberg, SurveyMonkey CEO and husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, died suddenly died of heart-related causes, he was 47.
  • Brenda Barnes, Former Sara Lee CEO died at 63, from complications of a stroke.
  • Ranjan Das, CEO and MD of SAP Indian subcontinent died after a massive cardiac arrest, he was 42.
  • Charles H. Bell, the former president and chief executive of McDonald's, died of colorectal cancer; he was 44.
  • James Richard Cantalupo chairman and chief executive officer of McDonald's Corporation - sudden death by heart attack at the age of 60.
  • Kenneth L. Lay, who catapulted Enron Corp. into the ranks of the nation's largest companies died of a heart attack at 64.

The list can go on and on. This is only the worst-case scenario.  How many executives are sick and dying.  How many are sick but don’t understand that their life could be shortened by their lifestyle?
These are the executives, living a fast-paced life at the peak of their career.  What about YOU and the rest of us, not ensconced in the ivory towers of industry?  We don’t have the luxury of seeing/retaining the best of the best doctors, eating at the finest restaurants, stocking our pantry with whatever you want.  How many of YOU are taking similar medications, treatments and eating what you KNOW is unhealthy every single day?  The above list is of the rich and famous, but when you die, you will be mourned by your family and friends but may not make the headlines.  DEAD is DEAD.  It matters not who you were, how much your net worth.

The really tragic part of all this doom and gloom is that many/most of these early deaths, caused by lifestyle diseases, are Preventable NOW.  All those drugs, medications, procedures, treatments may ALL be unnecessary.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your life but must take Responsibility.  Lifestyle is a CHOICE that those who died and that YOU must make every day.  What you eat will either Cure you or Kill you; think about that!

In the Middle Ages, pictures we see in galleries and coffee table books, usually show the Kings, Queens and the Royalty of old; but do they look healthy?  Many/most of these rich and famous are shown to be obese and dining on fats, animal flesh and drinking to excess; they too died young.  It was the peasants who were prohibited from ‘hunting the King’s deer’ that were the healthy ones.  The peasants who could not afford the white flour/breads who had to live on the whole grains, black breads, root vegetables, nuts and seeds; THEY were the Healthy Ones.

Today, with the wealth we see all around us, even the poorest American may seem rich by those age-old standards.  The grocery stores are overflowing with products and produce.  It is YOUR choice what you spend your money on.  Select the crap and get sick, or select the Whole Food and gain/regain your health. 

We promote a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle that boosts, not suppresses your natural immune system.  The human body, YOU, are designed to be healthy, NOT SICK.  Commercials and even your doctors consider it somehow normal to be constantly sick taking medications, being in pain needing opioids for relief, being overweight so needing bariatric surgery, having high cholesterol so needing statin drugs, having high blood pressure so requiring ACE inhibitors, or insane diets to lose weight that never work.  This is NOT natural and should never be so considered.

All these ailments are nothing but symptoms that your body is trying to communicate to you that something is WRONG and the fix is NOT in a pill bottle or surgical center.  It IS in your grocery store, farmer’s market and/or garden.  Nature’s bounty is there to be enjoyed and Whole Natural Foods, Plant Based Cuisine, are the delicious way to gain/regain your health.  Unfortunately, you will never hear this simple solution from most doctors or even nutritionists; almost all have had the same training/indoctrination.

It is Your Choice.  Enjoy delicious Plant Based Cuisine and Thrive or spend your money on doctors, drugs, co-pays, hospitals and clinics.  Wouldn’t you rather go surfing?  How about taking a hike in the Mountains or just a walk around the block?  It is SO easy and you might actually save money on your monthly grocery bill.  You will definitely save by not needing to constantly visit the doctor and pharmacy.  What would you pay to just not get sick?

We haven’t been sick, taken drugs (even an aspirin) or needed to see a doctor in 12 years.  Yes, we do get periodic check-ups and have health insurance, but usually feel they are a waste of time and money.  It feels GREAT to be healthy and at 74+ we both believe this is just middle age!  Why not consider joining us and learn how to enjoy the delicious natural bounty that a Plant Based Lifestyle represents.  You will Live Long and Prosper!