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How Going Plant Based Changed Us
Taking A Different Approach to Fighting Cancer and Disease

Almost 13 years ago, we went ‘cold turkey’, adopting plant based lifestyle.  We didn’t know what the heck we were doing but since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and given just a few years to live, we decided to give it a shot.  Chemotherapy & other diabolical ‘treatments’ killed my father and we watched him die.  Radiation and other ‘treatments’ killed my dear sweet mother-in-law and we watched her die.  When I decided to do Nothing but change my lifestyle, I really had no idea what impact it would have on my life, attitude and vitality. NONE.  Nancy had a 50% arterial blockage in her ascending aorta as well so we thought this may help that too!

With the full support of my lovely wife, Nancy (now Chef Nancy) we embarked on a path of lifestyle change.  Much was based on what we had learned watching several documentaries featuring Dr. John McDougall, T. Collin Campbell and many more, discovered later.  All these approaches to defeating cancer and other lifestyle diseases, centered on a strict Plant Based Lifestyle and Nutritional approach to health, so we just decided to DO IT.

We tossed out or gave away ALL and Any products containing meat, fish, dairy or eggs and any derivatives.  What we ended up with was a mostly empty pantry, refrigerator and freezer.  It was painful but cancer is deadly, so it was a pretty easy choice.  Not everyone does this for health reasons, some folks opt for a lot of different reasons and adopt a vegan lifestyle, which is a bit different focus than a plant based one.  Still, it is an approach that avoids ALL and ANY meat, fish, dairy eggs and most GMO contamination as well as reducing/eliminating a lot of other oils and saturated fats.

For a devoted carnivore whose breakfast often consisted of 5 eggs, white bread toast slathered in butter and bacon and sausage (yep all in one meal!), the lifestyle change was dramatic to say the least.  A meal wasn’t a meal without MEAT.

Then there was the ice cream; oh, that was painful.  Hershey’s chocolate bars?  Gone with the rest because they contained dairy.  It is really amazing how much stuff dairy sneaks into; read the labels!  (later the marketplace and I discovered a wonderful array of non-dairy treats!)

But We DID it!

It is now, going on ten (10) years and we have been strictly Plant Based.  I mean STRICT; no fudging or cheating; at least not as far as we can tell.  It is difficult because manufacturers seem to stuff dairy and animal by-products in just about everything.  So, avoiding that stuff leaves us with Whole Foods consisting of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  We initially thought we would starve to death; eating nothing but salads.

What we DID discover is a plethora and cornucopia of delicious wondrous Whole Food Plant Based Cuisine that tantalize the palate, fill the stomach and generally make life pretty darn wonderful.  Now, just driving by a ‘fast food’ joint and smelling the greasy burgers being sold, pretty much turns our stomach.  Watching advertisements for steak and burger joints is such a turn-off we feel sorry for those folks eating that crap and contributing to their ill health.

We are pretty much ‘vegan’ or as we prefer, Plant Based.  Yes, we exercise but we don’t go crazy.  We prefer walking and hiking in the great outdoors whenever possible.  We take Road Trips whenever we can afford to do so.  We lecture and try to educate others about the wondrous nature and benefits that this Plant Based Lifestyle offers.  We endeavor to pay it forward whenever possible and will take every opportunity to talk to others to encourage them towards a better and healthier lifestyle; we always keep our business cards handy!

Oh, and yes, my lovely wife Nancy, who was retired from Delta Airlines, went back to school and got her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition and has become a most excellent plant based chef, now know as Chef Nancy.  I get to enjoy and dine on her wonderful cuisine every single day; she seldom lets me in the kitchen these days!  Nancy wrote her first book, “Restoring America’s Health ~ Simple Steps to a Plant Based Lifestyle” based on our experiences and what we have learned.  In 2018 & 2019, my Chef Nancy was awarded the honor of being one of the nine (9) best teaching chefs in Orlando.

Me, I’ve decided to re-enter the more traditional work force, having been sort of ‘semi-retired’ for several years.  You see, the energy levels you experience is pretty much ‘off the chain’ as Mell B often says.  Nancy's arterial blockage and her Fibromyalgia pretty much dissipated in about 6 months.  Oh, my cancer?  Don't know, don't care and don't often think about it.  Our regular blood work astounds our doctor when we get our annual check-ups.  We take no drugs, meds or any other 'treatment'.

So, now, as a team, Chef Nancy and I can offer a wide range of services and support addressing both individual, group and corporate programs.  We can deal with health & wellness programs to work flow design.  Who would have thunk, that we would be doing this together in our 70’s and loving it!?! 

Now we have multiple web sites, several public and private social media sites and more.  All focused on helping others begin to achieve the amazing benefits that a Plant Based Lifestyle offers. 

Your Health IS Your Wealth
Spend it Wisely!