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I often talk about our approach to reversing/healing from cancer and other lifestyle diseases.  Most of the major diseases Americans suffer are Lifestyle based; how you live, eat and conduct your daily life is contributing to either your health or your sickness.  The Standard American Deadly Diet is a root cause of most diseases and is usually part of the Lifestyle Choice of too many Americans. 

The Standard American Deadly Diet consists of fast food joints, packaged meals, processed foods, meat, fish, dairy and eggs all day long.  This constant bombardment with disease promoting fat, salt and sugar is creating an epidemic of disease in America.  Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes 2 and more, are afflicting more and more Americans and the worst thing is how it impacts the children too.

Study after study, research program after research program ALL indicate that the Standard American Deadly Diet is killing you and your family slowly.  You may exercise and feel fine today but your arteries, liver, kidneys and the rest of your body’s life systems are being constantly stressed being forced to deal with the constant flow of contaminants people are consuming.

Speaking of stress, most Americans who work are constantly stressed.  Just driving to work is stressful enough, but job stress, figuring out how to make the rent, car payment is placing a constant burden on the body’s ability to just survive.  All this stress, coupled with the lousy nutrition most Americans consume, pretty much destroys the natural immune system whose job is to keep you healthy.  Over-taxed with having to process all the crap people eat, distracts from the body’s immune systems real job, which is to fight disease and keep you healthy.

So, is it any wonder why so many people are fat, sick and lethargic?  No energy, constantly sick from one thing or another, then, God forbid the onset of diabetes 2 and subsequent Heart Disease, Cancer and other noxious deadly diseases.  Healthy people don’t get sick!  The body is NOT designed to be sick; ever.  It is designed, in all its glory, to be healthy, vibrant, happy and energetic.

Change your Lifestyle!  Pretty simple really.  When you get a rock in your shoe, do you take a pain pill, amputate your foot or simple remove the stone?  Silly example?  Maybe but how many people refuse to simply remove the disease-causing crap they stuff into their pie hole every single day?  Not many based on the amount of money spent on healthcare by Americans.  We spend the MOST but are the sickest.  The Commonwealth Fund has rated the U.S. health care system as the worst among the 11 developed nations it analyzed as part of an evaluation conducted every three years.

What is Lifestyle Change?

Well first off, it is NOT a diet. It encompasses way more than just what you eat; besides, diets never, ever, work.  When you think about Lifestyle, you must consider every moment of every day and seek to correct the bad bits and accentuate the good ones.  You must look at Lifestyle Change is the beginning of the rest of your life!

Your Diet

We usually start with what you eat.  Proper Nutrition is the foundation of health! So, let’s start there! Basically, you need to change what you eat.  That may be more difficult for some.  Others may already be eating some basically good stuff.  Being aware of what you eat is the first step and reading labels is the foundation to that understanding.

First step is to totally avoid any ‘drive through’ or fast food joints.  That means no more ordering pizza every night (unless you are fortunate enough to have a local vegan pizzeria).  The high fat crap that they sell is slowly clogging your arteries and building a foundation for diabetes 2.  Yes, diabetes 2 is caused by the fat you eat, NOT the sugar.  Lean to pack a lunch or be very selective where you eat lunch; there actually are restaurants that can provide nutritious food but you usually have to ask for it; not on the menu!

Learn what is actually nutritious in your local grocery store.  That usually means avoiding about 90% of the stuff on the shelves.  Read The Labels!  If you can’t pronounce something or actually understand what it is, don’t buy it. Another good guideline is that if there are more than 6 ingredients, probably way to processed/contaminated with stuff you shouldn’t be eating.  For smartphone users, download an app like FOODUCATE, that will provide a rating/guideline and let you know what is actually in the stuff.

I will Cover FOOD and What to Eat later.


You probably have been polluting your body for years with not-so-great food choices.  The toxins you have consumed in your food, breathed and been exposed to accumulate in your body and place a burden on your immune system.  Besides food and environmental toxins, much of the food consumed is contaminated with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and saturated with pesticides whose long-term impact on health has NEVER been fully tested.  Best to avoid that as much as possible.

Getting rid of these toxins is not quick or easy.  In addition, you may have been exposed to parasites in the environment or even in the food you have been eating.  Many of these toxins will be stored in the fat cells of your body and if you are a bit overweight and not eating healthy for a while they need to be excised.

Losing weight, if needed, is part of the initial Lifestyle Change you will experience.  As you begin to eat healthier, you will release the toxins into your bloodstream and your liver and kidneys will naturally remove them.  Eating healthy food and drinking good clean water will aid in the disposal of these toxins and parasites.

You can accelerate the ‘detox’ of your body with a variety of means:

  • Juice Fasting – whereby you go through a period of juicing vegetables and some fruit to flush the toxins and parasites from your body.  This can continue for a few days, weeks or in extreme cases, months.

  • Water Fasting – this will place your body in a stressed state. Intermittent fasting encourages weight loss, reduces body fat, lowers blood pressure and heart rate.  It can ‘jump start’ your immune system.  Periodic water fasting for a day or two can be a healthy way to help cleanse your body.

  • Clay Detoxing – a more unusual but very effective way to cleanse your body.  Bentonite clay is a type of volcanic ash with remarkable properties. Its attributes were first discovered in 1961, when scientists noticed its ability to absorb toxins and transport them out of the body.  You can take a clay/water mixture indefinitely but typically for a few days when detoxing.  It will also aid in chelating toxic metals from the body.

  • Sodium Ascorbate Colon Flush – a inexpensive cleans with simple alkaline vitamin C.  The only side effects of excessive vitamin C intake is a form of diarrhea.   Sodium ascorbate contains ascorbic acid in combination with sodium. What makes sodium ascorbate special is its alkaline content that counter-balances the acidity of ascorbic acid.  It is a fast acting very inexpensive way to flush your colon.

Disclaimer ~ While there are other detox protocols, these are just a few.  As with any nutritional/dietary change, it is advised that you inform your doctor.

Exercise ~ MOVING is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone gets some exercise but most Americans do not get near enough.  From couch potatoes watching the TV to sedentary jobs where you sit at a computer all day long seems the norm in today’s high-tech society. 

Exercise can take many forms.  Many people love to run, others work out in a gym, while still others just prefer to fast-paced walking.  All are great forms of exercise and can be beneficial for everyone.

The key is to MOVE, as often and for as long as possible.  In the office, taking the stairs instead of the elevator (within reason of course) is a great way to just keep moving.  When you go to the restroom, choose the furthest one. When going to the store, park at a distance and walk.  It is easy to increase your steps every day and just MOVE.

Your body needs movement. Your lymph systems are one of the key ways you detox and there is no muscles or pumps; you must MOVE to help the lymph system flush toxins from your body.

Some companies offer standing desk options or adjustable desktops so you can work standing for periods of time.  In the great ones, there are options to attach a treadmill to the standing desk.  For those of us who often work from home, I recommend (and use) this option.

Water - Water Everywhere

Every single cell in the human body needs water to function properly. We need water to regulate our temperature, to cushion and protect joints and organs and to help digestion move smoothly.  Your body needs fluids and water is the healthiest fluid you can drink.

Coffee and tea, in moderation, are generally considered healthy and choosing the correct beverage can either help or hinder your health.  Green tea is considered better than coffee but still usually high in caffeine; you still get a bit of a kick. 

Water is the best; soda the worst.  Most sodas (including sparkling waters) are acidic and can damage your teeth if taken too often.  Worse, most soda drinks are loaded with excess caffeine and SUGAR.  Useless calories with little to no nutritional value at all. 

Learn to just drink clean water.  Keep a water bottle (non- BPA if plastic – glass or insulated stainless steel is best) full and at hand ALL the time.  Just take a sip every time you can; refill as needed.  Avoid disposable plastic bottles, they can leach harmful chemicals if left in the sun and are horrible for the environment; besides that, it is very expensive water when it is pretty much free everywhere!  There are side benefits to drinking a lot of water.  Water keeps your body properly hydrated, saves you money on expensive drinks, and will keep your kidneys flushing toxins all day long; side benefit is you will get up and walk to the restroom more often!

FOOD ~ What to Eat

We leave the biggest for last.  While I did mention diet in the beginning, we didn’t get into just what to eat.  Being aware of what you eat is a foundation principle of good nutrition but WHAT you eat is the critical bit.  This is often, well almost always, the most difficult thing for people to accept; Dietary Lifestyle Change.

We have all been raised on the food our mothers and grandmothers (and yes, some Dads and Granddads too) prepared meals for us all our early lives.  What you ate was usually not an option and more often than not, based on cultural values and habits of your parents and grandparents.  In many cases, if you were very fortunate, you ate a diet consisting mostly of vegetables, fruits and spices.  For most Americans, most meals had some amount of meat, fish, dairy and/or eggs included.  Fifty (50) years ago our food was not contaminated with excess pesticides, genetically modified or raised on land that was depleted of natural minerals/nutrients.  The animals that provided the meat, dairy and eggs were not injected with growth hormones and antibiotics.  Fish weren’t harvested from polluted oceans and streams or raised in tanks full of disease preventing antibiotics and often fed chicken droppings (yuk, but true).  No, the ‘food’ today is not like what your Grandparents were raised on!

To combat this pollution of our food supply, you MUST consider a dramatic, often extreme change in what you eat.  Eating organically grown/harvested foods is always preferable as it is the more natural way of growing crops and animals.  But this can be prohibitively expensive even if you can find them.  Naturally fed (grass fed) animals are just as difficult to find and even more expensive.  In fact, most people don’t actually like ‘grass fed’ animals as there is much less fat.  Fat, salt, sugar are the addiction/additives in most ‘foods’ found in the Standard American Deadly Diet.  These are what we must learn to avoid!

The best solution is to learn to eat without those customary foods you may have been used to.  Eliminating meat, fish, dairy and eggs (and ALL GMO contamination) takes work, dedication and a bit of creativity.  It sounds extreme and it is!  But how much is your health worth?  How much value do you put on your life?  Is it worth it to you to Change your Lifestyle to not get sick, live a long and energetic/vibrant life; well into your 100’s.

It IS possible and actually, once you understand what a Plant Based Lifestyle truly is, it is pretty easy; not to mention an absolutely DELICIOUS way to work, live and love.


Life is how you live and the quality of your life is what you make it.  That includes what you put in your body.  Your body is constantly (if healthy) rebuilding itself, fighting disease, storing/extracting energy and nutrients from your food and delivering it to every cell in your body.  You breathe and take in live-giving oxygen; you exhale and provide live giving carbon dioxide to the plants that surround us.  A pretty amazing symbiotic relationship.

The food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe all are building blocks of YOU.  As your body discards dead/dying cells they are replaced with new healthy (one hopes) cells; built from the raw materials that you consume.  Do you want to be built and re-built from the crap in the Standard American Deadly Diet or would you rather be constructed and rebuilt with strong, clean materials found in healthy nutritious vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds?  Nature’s bounty exists for a reason.  We are not designed to eat chemicals or chemical laden crap.  We are designed like a Rolls Royce, with the best components possible.  If you try to build a Rolls with inferior materials, put sugar in the gas tank with dirty gas, how far do you think you will get?

No, our bodies need, indeed, deserve the best component/nutrients we can possibly find and consume.  If you put crap in your fuel tank and supply the construction department of your body with inferior materials, is it any wonder you feel lousy, have no energy and are sick all the time?  Cancer is promoted with inferior building blocks that damage the DNA within new cells.  Heart disease is caused by blocked pipes from too much fat, irritation/inflammation from sugar/salt.  Diabetes 2 is caused by too much fat in your diet and can contribute to both cancer and heart disease. 

Your Health IS Your Wealth.  Be thankful and realize how rich you truly are and/or can be. 
Your family is priceless, your time is gold and Your Health IS Your Wealth.

You Truly ARE What You Eat

Live Long and Prosper