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Sick and Retired
How to Regain Your Health and Enjoy Your Retirement

How many people are Sick and Retired.  Some may be forced to take an ‘early retirement’ because they are ill.  Not a great way to begin your retirement.  The average retirement age is 62 years of age, even though most are eligible at 65.  There are a lot of reasons for this ‘early out’ of the workplace.  Some older workers are paid incentives to ‘retire early’ with full benefits.  Many are covered with a period of insurance until forced Medicare takes over at 65.  Some retire early just because they can!  Others retire early, take the money and run to a new job or career.  I know my wife did both.  I just transitioned as I owned my own company.

What do you do if you are sick and retired?  Sick can be anything from serious disease to the more common high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and other ‘age related’ ailments.  All can be reasons to leave your current situation to address your illness.  Most older workers are on numerous medications; blood pressure pills, statins for cholesterol, metformin for prediabetes/diabetes 2 and more.

Drugs are expensive and being sick and retired is certainly no fun.  Wouldn’t you rather be on the golf course, on a cruise or traveling the world?  Of course, you would!  But too many are tied down to your medicine cabinet.  Side effects from your medications sap your energy, often make you fell poorly or just make you feel sick.

What would you say if I explained how you might be able to Retire Healthy, get off those expensive drugs, pills, shots and therapies?  Just imagine not having to see your doctor unless you just want a ‘checkup’; not because you are sick or need a prescription refill.  Of course, doing this sooner rather than later would be way better but let’s focus on the retirement picture.

Retirement, whether forced, encouraged or just is the right time, is a dramatic Lifestyle Change for most.  No more stress, no more commuting, no more meetings!  We are talking some serious changes and many have difficulty adapting.  Often, the retirement can be more stressful than the job!  Many people really love their work; others not so much.  Everyone has a different reason and sentiment about their life’s work.

The first thing you must consider as you approach or enter into retirement is just Not to DIE.  Yes, the stress of retirement can push you over the edge and we definitely want to NOT do that!  What do you do to lessen the stress of retirement, try to correct/eliminate the existing illnesses you may have and move into a Healthier, more Vibrant stage of your life?  We suggest you couple your change in job status with a Lifestyle Change that focuses on Health, Wellness and FUN!

Yes, retirement is a time to enjoy your hard-earned time and make it as enjoyable and as fulfilling as possible.  This may mean charging more than you attire.  No more suit & tie is nice and you look great in those golf shorts but you have to address what may have put you on all those medications and what made you sick; that is if you are sick. If you’re not, then you do NOT want to be!  The same solution works to reverse illness as well as PREVENT it.

This simple approach is so easy and delicious you may not have even heard of it.  Yes, it is simply the FOOD you eat and nutrition.  You need, indeed must, focus on your nutritional foundation.  No more fast food, no more lunch meetings at the steak house, no more late meeting pizza.  We are going to focus on Nutritious Healthy but Delicious Cuisine that you can enjoy for the rest of your very long, energetic and active life.  We can help you do that and more!  After we address this, get you healthy and active what do you think we suggest next?

How many folks retiring or who are retired have ever truly, I mean TRULY seen out marvelous United States of America?  I know Nancy and I had not.  Yes, I consulted around the Planet from the across the USA to China and Europe but never had time to enjoy the True Wonders of any Country and never really saw or enjoyed my own USA.

The best way to ‘See the USA’ (many may remember Dina Shore and 1953 Chevy Commercial) is just getting in your car and drive!  The roadways, despite what you may have heard, all across this wonderful Country, are great.  We have crisscrossed across the fruited plains, through mountain passes, over volcanos and across magnificent bridges from coast to coast.  From the interstates to the local roads and back country roads there is so much to see and experience.  Our road trips have lasted from a week to over a month.  From Glacier National Park to Zion and into the Great Smokey Mountains.  Hiking across the fruited plane, over the mountains and around the valleys are a great way to regain your health, peace of mind and sanity that so many have forgotten.

If you aren’t in that great a shape, or are currently sick, we can work with you to reverse your lifestyle disease (which is the major cause of most illnesses in the USA), get into shape and see this Wonderful Country first hand.

Nancy and I have overcome a variety of lifestyle diseases and you can too.  Eating your way to Health & Wellness is surprisingly easy and, it turns out, quite delicious!  We learned how to save money while traveling if that is an issue; with most it is.  Healthy travels, finding those ‘off the road’ wonders of American is something we relish and have been doing for years.  We can help you travel healthy and point you to so many wonderful places you may not have even heard about.

Give us a chance to show you how to See the USA! Visit our travel web site, Plant Based Road Trip, and see where we have been and are planning to go!  There are wonders to behold, tastes to be tasted, vistas to be viewed and health to be renewed!

Visit Our Travel Site: Roadtripping and let us help you plan your next trip and make it just one of many you will experience in the years to come!