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We constantly are seeing new hospitals and treatment center announcements. Is it only me or is this a tragic indication of the horrendous general health of America?  They only build these things to treat sick people and there is no end to our diseased population.  Why don’t they build Cooking/Class centers that teach Nutrition, healthy lifestyle and living instead?  Simple, there just is NO MONEY in health & wellness; they make billions from literally Treating People to Death!

The predominant and most deadly diseases in America are simply Lifestyle Diseases.  People are literally eating themselves to DEATH; then the healthcare industry finishes them and their bank accounts off!

What would happen, do you think if we focused on Staying Healthy instead of treating disease? Could these buildings be converted into community centers?  Organic Hydroponic Gardens?  How about teaching centers to promote health & wellness based on Proven Lifestyle changes and a Plant Based approach to eating?

Just think about it. Billion$ are spent on illness in America every year; mostly for lifestyle diseases that are preventable. Yep, preventable and many/most are reversible. What are they? Well, illnesses related or caused by your lifestyle, what you do, what you eat/consume and how you live your daily lives.

Of course not every illness/disease is preventable. There are some horrendous tragic illnesses that befall people every day. BUT, the lifestyle diseases of heart disease, diabetes two, many cancers and more, are often Caused by lifestyle. Eating crap, high fat foods, fast foods, high sugar drinks, hormone laden meat/dairy, pesticide laden and genetically modified foods, mercury contaminated fish, All contributes to lifestyle diseases.

Yes, before you ask, there is PROOF and lots of it, but I won't bore you with the details now. See for yourself and visit Dr. Michael Greger's site at Nutrition Facts where he presents an unbelievable amount of data and current research on the benefits of good dietary and lifestyle practices!

The answer is so simple, doctors ignore it, people don't believe it and few, unfortunately, adopt it. It is simply that a Plant Based Lifestyle is the key, the foundation and the solution! Those who follow a healthy Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle seldom get sick. If they are sick when they undertake this simple, cheap solution, their diseases often halt and even reverse. So Yes, you CAN cure yourself without deadly medications, barbaric treatments and addictive drugs.

Not always, but darn near most of the time. Heart Disease and Diabetes Two are the easy ones, cancers can be a bit more problematic but everything gets better as the Whole Body begins to heal on a Whole Food Plant Based diet!  A favorite quote from Charlotte Gerson from the Gerson Institute: “You can't keep one disease and heal two others - when the body heals it heals everything”

We have been 'preaching' this for many years now after experience the amazing, almost miraculous impact resulting from our own conversion to Plant Based Nutrition/Lifestyle over seven years ago. One of the most amazing things is that Plant Based Cuisine is Delicious, inexpensive and easy/quick to prepare. You just have to get into that seldom used room in most homes, The Kitchen!

If you want to prevent disease, reverse disease and gain/regain your health and vitality, just TRY it for a few weeks to 30 days. You will experience remarkable changes, including increased mental clarity, more energy and zest for life.  High Cholesterol problems will plummet and quickly; much more effective than any statin could ever hope to achieve.  For Type Two Diabetics, dramatic results are often seen in about 16 DAYS (not months or years) that are MORE impactful that any drugs you may be taking. Hypertension, similar results. Heart Disease takes longer; after all the plaque in your arteries may have been building for decades! Cancer is impacted differently depending on the type (for me it was Prostate Cancer). If you are undergoing traditional 'treatment', changing to Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition, can only help the effectiveness of your treatments.

As with major change in diet or lifestyle, if you are currently suffering from any disease, consult your physician to monitor your progress. Because the results from this dietary change happen rapidly, your current prescription medications (especially insulin) may be too strong and could be dangerous.  Most people are able to get off insulin, statins and other drugs quickly.  Get some blood-work done before you commence any change and you Will be Astounded at the results in just a few weeks.

As always, if you have questions, just want to chat or are serious about lifestyle change, contact us at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living. We are here to help!