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Treating Cancer

Treating Cancer - Don't They Give a Damn?
Physicians Never Seem to Ask “WHY?”

Have you noticed the advertisements one often gets in LinkedIn groups and with other email about National and International conferences about Cancer? Then there are all those focused on Heart Disease and Diabetes. Conference after conference, and they all claim to address the holy grail of a 'cure' but fail to even address the Fact that Nutrition plays a vital role in any treatment for any disease.
Simply, it is the failure of the body’s natural immune system to fight off disease that makes one sick in the first place. It seems that the entire medical industry fails to even address or ask the simple question: WHY?
Go to the doctor and give him/her your symptoms, they run tests then review the results. You are sick, may have cancer, heart disease, diabetes or some other gawd awful disease. Do they EVER ask you or pose the question “Why have you gotten sick?”. Never in my experience or that of anyone I have talked to has that happened. Nope, out comes the prescription pad to treat the Symptom NOT the Disease.
Now, I'm not totally against the medical industry; God bless the emergency room physicians, nurses and support staff! They truly are miracle workers but they focus on immediate life-saving measures so you can get to a doctor and figure out the Why you got there in the first place. Problem is that most doctors never ask the question: “WHY?”.
All these conferences and seminars all over the Planet sound just great and are lauded as the best way to find the 'cure' everyone seems to seek. But have they ever actually admitted to finding a true CURE for much of anything? Sure there are always new medications, treatments and other really 'scientifiky' stuff that sounds nice but is always extremely expensive and often painful, debilitating and even more often Deadly!
My wife Nancy and I volunteered for an internal medicine conference here in Orlando, ACP Internal Medicine, in 2014. We helped out at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) table in the exhibit hall. Yep, we were the ONLY table out of hundreds that even mentioned Nutrition! There were over 10,000 physicians from all over attending and most of them walked the exhibit floor at one time or another. Of all that number, only about 750 (in three days) even stopped long enough to have their badge scanned and fewer bothered to pay attention to what information was offered.
There were several book seller stations that I perused on breaks. Not a single solitary tome about Nutrition, food or anything remotely related to the subject matter of dietary requirements or it's contribution to over all Health & Wellbeing of the patient. Not a ONE!
We are followers of medical practices/treatments, especially as they relate to cancer (I was diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago) but also other lifestyle diseases as we promote a Plant-Based Lifestyle and a Whole Foods approach to Health & Wellness. As we see and receive notices of events, seminars and conferences, I always examine the agenda. Seldom, if ever, do I see a focus or even a session on or about Nutrition, Food, Dietary Lifestyles as it pertains to disease prevention or treatment (CURE).
There has been little or no progress in the statistical facts of death and dying from cancer, heart disease over the past decades. There have been tremendous additions of treatments, drugs and surgeries that treat but never, ever, seem to CURE. A remission is NOT a CURE. The definition of CURE in cancer/oncology circles is surviving for 5 years. Considering a total lifespan that is not very long at all; especially as cancer, heart disease and diabetes (the three biggest killers) are being seen in younger and younger patients all the time!
The Medical Profession never seems to ask why but I will! WHY? Why does the Healthcare Industry spend billion$ of dollar$ on programs and treatments that patently just do NOT WORK?
WHY do people diagnosed with theses lifestyle diseases never seem to consider a Lifestyle Change to treat or augment conventional treatment for disease?
WHY, if disease is Caused by a failure of the body's natural immune system do few if any physicians work to boost and restore the natural immune system? Rather they pump drugs and radiation into the sick person, or cut pieces out, that Further depresses or destroys the immune system already severally damaged that resulted in the disease in the first place?
WHY? Is it the money? The billion$ upon billion$ of dollar$ that people spend (mostly vie insurance programs that cost corporations these billion$ that would otherwise be in the profit, not expense columns) feed an industry that is a total abject failure!
Have you ever visited a sick person in one of the many hospitals (filled to bursting)? Have you seen what they server cancer patients? It demonstrates an obvious ignorance of what good nutrition actually means. Do you realize that there are fast food franchises actually IN hospitals? Does anyone, I mean anyone believe that fast food is actually healthy? Especially for sick and dying patients?
It is a true travesty in that the Healthcare Industry fails to even recognize the natural healing properties of the body's immune system but rather would prescribe costly and mostly ineffective drugs (many with horrendous side effects and unknown interactions with other drugs prescribed). Prescription drugs are now a major cause of Death! Not illegal drugs, but ones prescribed by a physician!
We will never, ever win a war on any disease, no matter how much money is thrown at it if we continue to Not ask the question: WHY?