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Corporate America is Sick

While this is the title of Chef Nancy’s latest book that deals with personal health & wellness it is also descriptive of Corporate America.  The book deals with healing, health and longevity for individuals, but I want to focus on Corporate America’s Health.
Corporate America has long been sick.  Many companies that originated in America are now global conglomerates and have lost most allegiance to their roots and foundation in America.  Freedom, Liberty and healthy Americans formed the basis upon which these ginormous corporations have been formed.  From garages across America to the small factory floors, these companies have grown into massive conglomerates with little or no allegiance to their foundations.

I don’t denigrate these corporations but they must be viewed in a different light than the small to medium businesses that are the heart and soul of America.  These, mostly local, businesses are linked to American ideals, morals and community.  They are the neighbors living across the street.  Many are friends and/or family members.  These companies, for the most part, depend on the health of their communities and the residents therein. 

Multi-National conglomerates are not linked to much of anything besides making money.  They have lost or ignored their moral foundations and why they began in the first place.  They don’t much care about community, health or customers; the World is full of new targets/markets.  It doesn’t matter to most that many of their customers are being harmed by their products, that they hide corrupt practices and monies from their home Country as they continue to manufacture, distribute and sell often toxic/noxious products to millions.

I’m speaking mostly of the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Agriculture industries that have massive Global reach.  These companies profit from treating people to death, producing toxic, chemical saturated products that barely can be termed ‘food’.  Genetically modified to withstand massive toxic poisons (glyphosate), the agricultural industry saturated their crops with poison that kills insects, including Nature’s Pollinators; making no distinction between harmful or helpful insects.  Their chemicals are sprayed to kill crops so to aid in the drying process that helps speed the crops to market but never a worry about what these poisons may be doing to the consuming public.

These conglomerates are often the biggest polluters as well.  Artificial, noxious fertilizers and runoff toxins from massive animal agricultural operations pollute the rivers and streams of America.  They have created a massive, dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico exceeding 8776 square MILES of lifeless ocean.  It will not get better until WE stop subsidizing these toxic operations by refusing to purchase the products that are making America Sick.

The Medical Industry bears no resemblance to the healers of the past.  Long gone are the Doctor Kildare and Dr. Marcus Welby’s of years past. (look them up!).  Too many doctors today are not much more than drug pushers and agents of the massive pharmaceutical industry that manufacture ‘medicines’ that are mostly ineffective, very expensive and do little to actually CURE patients.  No, they are designed to be lifelong prescriptions that, in many cases, do little but shorten life and hasten death; but provide a very nice income stream for years to the manufacturers.  Most can effectively be replaced by more natural treatments; but since those can’t be patented, there is no money to be made. These natural aids to health are denigrated, buried, obfuscated and legislated away from the people who would benefit from less expensive but More Effective ways to Heal.

American based conglomerates are only benefiting themselves and I guess that is ok, but when they do so by malfeasance, corruption and outright criminal activity, I believe “We The People” must stand up and say “No More!”.  These conglomerates bribe and often own the very souls of legislators those who are supposed to Protect and Serve the American People.  They have infiltrated the very agencies that were instituted to control what these companies sell to Americans, making them nothing more but revolving doors between the protective agencies and the companies and their products they are purported to control.

The only way to stop and hopefully reverse the deadly damage being done to Americans and America is to STOP purchasing from and subsidizing these company operations.  Do more business with local merchants, farmers and your neighbors.  Change your eating and lifestyle habits to improve your health (get Chef Nancy’s book “Restoring America’s Health – Simple Steps to a Plant Based Lifestyle”) that will help save your life and the life of Our Country/Planet at the same time.

If you own stocks/bonds review your portfolio and examine just who you have invested in. Vote for Board Members who are loyal to America, who support basic morality, values and honesty.  Business don’t have to be corrupt to make money, it’s just easier.  These conglomerates don’t have to poison people and the planet; it’s just easier.  Stockholders must stand up for what is right or surrender to the darkness of corruption.  Liquidate your holdings in corrupt conglomerates; there are plenty of healthy companies with integrity you can invest in and may even increase your valuations!

Then get out and VOTE these corrupt, bought & paid for public legislators OUT OF OFFICE.  You have the Power to do so.  Draining the Swamp in Washington D.C. begins in the local swamp of corrupt politicians who support these disgusting operations that are toxic to America and to YOU.  Get Active in your local communities to promote both fiscal as well as physical health of yourselves and your neighbors.  We are all in this together and it has become a matter of Life or Death. Life or Death for YOU as well as America!