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Another Friend Diagnosed with Cancer

Yesterday we got some news that another friend’s husband has stage IV colon cancer.  I am working with a new friend who has stage IV pancreatic cancer.  As we age, cancer seems pervasive and many assume that it is a natural thing to contract as we age.  This is NOT the case.  WE, Humans are designed to be Healthy, not sick and dying.  Many live active and very productive lives, well into their 90’s and beyond.

At 71, I think I am leading a productive life even though my career as an IT Consultant fades away as I aged (yes age discrimination or more likely ‘experience’ discrimination; young managers don’t like others knowing more than they do!).  But I am experiencing the most rewarding career renewal one could imagine: Helping Others regain their health and Avoid Lifestyle Disease.

So many are diagnosed with serious cancers and given the “bum’s rush” into treatment.  Surgery, chemo, radiation and worse.  Hell, most of them have HAD the cancer for years before it is ever discovered; especially at stage IV.  So WHY the rush.  Let a person consider alternatives, get second, third and fourth opinions; all the while researching their particular ailment.

They tried this same crap with me but, luckily, I resisted, did my research talked to others, viewed videos and LEARNED so much.  It convinced ME to reject ALL traditional (and IMHO barbaric) treatments that never seemed to actually CURE anyone; just treat them to death.  Happened to my Mother-in-Law, my brother Bob and my Father.  I said NO and am still alive today, I believe, because I refused their barbaric treatments and Changed my Lifestyle.  Now, well past the lifespan I was given (and that was WITH treatment), I am healthier NOW than ever before.  My lovely wife as well!

Now, together at 70+ we work to spread the word about the Power of Whole Food in the prevention and treatment of disease.  Not just cancer, diabetes and heart disease but MS and so many others too.  The AMAZING thing is that the SAME approach pretty much works for ALL lifestyle diseases and will help with most other diseases too!  It is SO DAMNED SIMPLE, cheap and effective: