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Cancer is Expensive

But is is treatable for the cost of a grocery bill!

Yes, sickness and disease is expensive. Cancer may be one of the most expensive diseases. The drug’s manufacturer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, will charge $141,000 for the first 12 weeks of treatment and $256,000 for a year of treatment, according to the Wall Street Journal. And that is just the drug costs. That does NOT include the cost of surgery, radiation or other treatments.
What if we could reduce this expense to NOTHING? Yea, how about that? Boy it sure would piss off a lot of drug companies, doctors, hospitals, and the agencies that purport to fund cancer research.
Yes, Cancer is CURABLE NOW but you hardly ever hear about that from a medical industry representative. You DO hear it from people like me who are SURVIVORS without the barbaric and often deadly treatments prescribed by the healthcare industry.
Thousands have and are being successfully being treated with just a plain old Nutritional approach . Sure there are thousands of variations on the theme and I experimented with several; especially after my initial diagnosis. The common theme though in most is a Plant Based Nutritional Lifestyle. Yea, always go for the analytical common denominator!
The most disturbing fact, from the purely cost issue, is that treatment CHEAP. Yea, go figure. Not only is a Plant Based Lifestyle Nutritional approach easy and actually Delicious, it is CHEAP, compared to the barbaric treatment protocols prescribed by the medical industry that, in fact, NEVER work.
Sure there are successful outcomes for many and that is a wonderful thing, but the majority are never cured, only go into remission and live with that horrendous fear that it will, and it usually does, return; most often with a deadly vengeance. Most patients are treated to death and die of complications resulting from treatment, not from the actual cancer!
Why are most patients never informed of this option for addressing cancer (and so many other lifestyle diseases)? No money in groceries! It's often that simple! The cancer industry, yes it is a multi-billion dollar industry, profits from treating the disease that otherwise can be cured! Always follow the money trail!

What approach is the right one?

Now there is the 'rub' as they say. There are So many different holistic, non-traditional approaches to cancer treatment it is often overwhelming for the newly diagnosed patient to comprehend, much less understand and make an informed choice.
There ARE recent/current scientific studies that demonstrate the effective nature of a holistic lifestyle, NUTRITIONAL approach but most patients never hear about them. Either the doctor is ignorant or outright refuses to acknowledge and inform the patient.
I know it was a horrible shock to be told you have less than 5 years to live; no matter which barbaric traditional medical treatment was involved. That is why I basically told the oncologist to go to hell and walked away! Now 7 years later, and approaching 70, I'm healthier now that I was at 35.
There are more and more medical clinics and physicians who are offering non-traditional medical approaches to cancer treatment; and very successfully. They all have variations of approach but most present a common basis of NUTRITION.

So Don't Get Cancer

The best approach to cancer 'treatment' is to never get it in the first place! PREVENTION is key to saving your life as well as your money!
Start NOW changing your lifestyle and focus on Prevention, not treatment. Save yourself the horrendous decision process of which treatment should I try?
Move towards a Plant Based Nutritional Lifestyle to PREVENT, not only cancer, but heart disease, diabetes 2, obesity and other lifestyle diseases. You will never, ever, regret your decision.
The benefit is not only your very Life but your pocket book as well. One of the major side effects of this approach is that you eat as much delicious food as you can. Never a diet, always just eat until you are full of delicious nutritious FOOD.
 It really IS that simple!