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Transitioning to a Plant Based Lifestyle

There are many reasons to consider a transition to a Plant Based Lifestyle.  One, which incentivized me was a cancer diagnosis.  That, my friends, is a real motivator; especially when the choice is life or death.  Thankfully, most people are not faced with that sort of deadly force motivator!

Those with cancer, heart disease, diabetes 2 (and many others) have successfully beat their diseases, reversing them and attaining a level of health previously never contemplated.  Those who haven’t experienced this transformation cannot truly appreciate the magnificent life-changing impact and effects.  In many cases, family and friends just don’t understand it.  Doctors and many nutritionists actually discourage it; despite the PROVEN benefits, peer reviewed studies and mountains of evidence that a change from the Standard American Deadly Diet to a fully Whole Food Plant Based diet/lifestyle can produce amazing results.

Many making the successful transition will try to explain this transformation to others not so blessed with the awareness of the Power of Whole Food.  Lifestyle change can be very difficult without the motivation of a potential death sentence but if you don’t give it a try you can never get a glimpse of the vitality, energy and power those who have transitioned feel every day.

My lovely wife, Chef Nancy, and I are very active on Social Media platforms and post information, recent studies, news and case histories relating to the Power of Whole Food.  Nancy posts pictures of almost every dinner we eat each day, often with the associated recipe in her FaceBook Group.  I often post pictures of these meals/dishes to get the attention of folks who just don’t understand the delicious nature of Plant Based Cuisine.  Chef Nancy also has a Pinterest Site that offers over 20,000 plant based recipes and information.  We also have a new YouTube video site.

Sometimes people are very critical, especially when we show pictures of various analog foods.  Food analogs are replacement but similar foods that often look, taste, smell like their animal based replicants.  We call these ‘Transition Foods’ that help people get over the challenge of changing what they eat.  Many of our dishes replicate the traditional meals that people have grown up with; meals their Grandmother fixed for the family.  We show people how they can continue to enjoy their traditional meals and favorite dishes with simple substitutions or recipe modifications.  In fact, we challenge anyone to present a dish that Chef Nancy can’t re-create with Plant Food substitutions.

Many early adopters of a Plant Based Lifestyle do so under the duress for a healing modality.  They often fail to realize that the curative power of a Plant Based Lifestyle lasts only as long as it is practiced.  Like any other lifestyle change, reverting back to your previous mode will take you right back to where you started; often fat, sick and nearly dead.  Many healing protocols exist, like the Square One protocol promoted by Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer).  I met Chris at a recent Cancer Conference; wonderful young man!  This SQ1 protocol should be considered as a first step towards an amazing Plant Based Healthy Lifestyle.

The people following these healing protocols often treat them as ‘temporary’ or diets.  This approach can ultimately be deadly.  Reverting to the old lifestyle is much like a drug/alcohol addict reverting or ‘falling off the wagon’.  Not a great thing to contemplate.  For cancer survivors it can be deadly, because in many cases a different form of cancer infects that person with a deadly vengeance.  You see, we ALL have cancer cells in our bodies and it is the Natural Immune System (strengthened and fed by a Plant Based Diet) that keeps us healthy. When it is weakened by drugs or improper nutrition, THAT is when you get sick.  We offer counseling and lifestyle coaching programs to help you gain/regain your health.

There are a multitude of analog products hitting your grocery stores every day; some better than others. Some healthier than others.  In most cased they are still heavily ‘processed’ foods that a Whole Food Plant Based diet eschews.  Still we will use them as quick/easy meals when we don’t have time/desire to prepare a normal meal (usually less than 30 minutes) as this processed plant based food can be easily/quickly prepared or added to a meal.  In almost every case we encourage people to explore the wonderful cuisine that can be found, prepared and enjoyed with Whole Plant Foods; the less processed the better!  When you see our pictures and recipes that include these analog products, be aware that we view them as occasional use foods and ones to be used and enjoyed on occasion. 
If you are already plant based and want to encourage others, especially family and friends to join you in this amazing transformative lifestyle, there are now more tools that over to convey the message.  Documentaries (most available on Amazon/Netflix) offer factual testimony, case studies and personal histories of how a Plant Based Lifestyle can impact your Health, Wellness and Longevity.  It is good for you and good for Our Planet.