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Dying But Don't Care?
Why do People Ignore the Cures and Suffer the Deadly Treatments?

For the past many years, since my prostate cancer diagnosis and death sentence, I've been practicing a successful (one might say Very Successful) Plant-Based Lifestyle. According to all the 'experts', even with 'treatment' I'm supposed to be dead now. Go figure! (see
Not only am I still Alive, I'm kickin and am more active than when I was 40 (that was 31 years ago!). As a result, I've started several new lines of business to promote and encourage others to at least consider a Plant-Based Whole Food Lifestyle.  Whether to address a disease, or better yet, to Prevent a future occurence, this lifestyle will improve your health, vitality and longevity!
I've been evangelizing to anyone who will listen how I manage to still be, not only Alive, but healthier NOW than ever before. My blood work amazes our family doctor and he just shakes his head and mutters about “and he has cancer”; sort of under his breath.
There was no magic pill. No magic elixir or special anything. I simply and immediately changed my Lifestyle to focus on Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition. Yes I did some yoga and intense juicing for the first year to 'cleanse' my system and rebuild my failed immune system, but now I just eat plants; no meat, fish, dairy or eggs or any derivatives.
Yep, just four little items removed from my table and dietary intake; that and alcohol which I gave up over 20 years ago when my first grand-baby was born! I tell people how AMAZING I and my lovely wife Chef Nancy feel. We are so active we can seldom sit for long and undertake both business and personal adventures all across this wonderful Country of Ours with our Plant-Based Road Trip business.
I am more mentally acute and my thought processes are, sometimes, overactive with ideas and concepts I never before envisioned. Heck, I never used to try to write stuff like this before; now I can't seem to stop.
When you survive a death sentence from experts (yea, a lot more than one said I'd be dead!) and found such a simple, easy and inexpensive solution, how can you Not tell your family, friends and, well, anyone who will listen!
What I have found truly Amazing is how many people, many with severe illnesses (cancer, heart disease, diabetes 2 and others) won't even consider a change in Lifestyle approach to a Healthstyle way of living. Others, who remain healthy (they believe), often run when they see me coming. “Oh boy, there comes that plant guy again!”.
At one Health Fair we attended with information, I had one guy come up and ask a couple of questions. He had had a quad-bypass a few years previously and was scheduled for another in a few months. He was overweight and had difficulty walking but at least he asked some questions. When I said that considering a Plant-Based Lifestyle might help him with his current treatment and possibly reverse some of his heart disease he was interested. Then I told him about eliminating the deadly four, meat-fish-dairy-eggs from his diet and he looked at me, right in the eye, and said “I'd rather be dead than give up my steak!” and doddered away. Again, go figure!
Americans are dying and contracting horrendous, debilitating diseases that not only impact them but their family and friends! They refuse to even consider a change that could prevent them from having to take or removing the need for most/all prescription drugs and much traditional medical care/treatment.
There are thousands and more people the Planet over that have successfully reversed a variety of diseases, eliminated prescription drugs and are living longer healthier lives by just changing their Lifestyle to a Plant-Based Whole Foods approach. The evidence is overwhelming and is gaining some traction but very, very slowly.
It is almost as if people don't value LIFE any longer. Why don't they care about living and seem to gravitating to dying? I truly cannot understand. Maybe being given a death sentence and overcoming it has inspired me? I certainly did Not know what I know now; way back then. Wish I had! If I had known, I might never have been diagnoses with prostate cancer in the first place.
Now, all I can do it try to inform, communicate and encourage anyone who will listen (or read) to at least consider a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle. It could save Your life or the life of a loved one! Don't wait to get sick! Don't wait to be told you are dying. There is a whole Planet full of alternative treatments and approaches to almost every disease.

And the best part, is that all you have to do is change the way you eat and begin to eat delicious Plant Based Cuisine that is not only delicious but way cheaper (you might save 30% on your grocery bill or more) than consuming the Standard American Diet.
Joel Fuhrman, in a recent video, said that changing to a Plant-Based Lifestyle could eliminate 70% of the health care costs currently incurred in the USA. SEVENTY PERCENT. That is Billion$ of dollars of your personal and tax dollars.  Don't wait to be told you are dying! At least listen, learn and consider migrating towards a more Plant Based Diet for you and your family. It WILL make you feel better and, just maybe, save your life!