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“We must be willing to let go of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” - Joseph Campbell

My life today, is 'night and day' different than it used to be.  As a road-warrior IT consultant with my own company for 30 years, I was always somewhere, not home.  Monday morning around 4 or 5 am, I'd head to the airport to a client city. (When the client was in China or Europe travel arrangements differed). During the week, I'd wake up at 6am, wonder what city/country I was in, figure it out, get showered/shaved/dressed, grab coffee and head to the client's office for a 12-hour day+.  Thursdays mid-afternoon it would be off to the airport and home.

I did this for 30 years but now, my life is totally different.  After a agressive cancer diagnosis in 2010, I changed my life; TOTALLY.  First, I was 63 and work demand had crashed; no one want's an old consultant, we KNOW TOO MUCH.  Then the cancer, that caused me to totally re-assess my life and change to a strict Plant Based Lifestyle; rejecting the barbaric 'treatments' proposed/encouraged by the many oncologists I saw.  It was juicing, Plant Based Food, avoiding most processed food, all sugar, sodas, meat, fish, dairy and eggs.  Then it was twice/week yoga, daily exercise and meditation; things I had to learn because I had NEVER considered them before.

Now, since that protocol worked so well, I'm more energetic/active than I ever was but I now devote my time to 'Paying it Forward' ( so others can realize the amazing re-birth that can happen, even at 63.  Now 77 the recipes have expanded, juicing turned to smoothies but the exercise/meditation continue. (I really need to get back to the yoga studio but the budget won't allow it right now).  A few months ago, we discovered 'Rebounding' and found it to be amazing/great.  Great for lymph system drainage and general health.

I spend a lot of my day writing articles for my several web sites, talking on the phone/video-conference and talk on social media with those suffering from lifestyle disease (cancer, heart disease, diabetes 2 and more) to show the path to Natural Healing with Whole Plant Foods and a Lifestyle that eschews the Standard American Deadly Diet that is killing, not only Americans, but much of the Planet.

My life now if full, we travel, mostly hiking trips to the mountains, streams and valleys of this wonderful USA when we can afford to (which is not that often).  My old life enabled me to pay off the mortgage and remodel our home before I changed careers so we have a great place to live in a wonderful area of Central Florida.  It is home base to our Health & Wellness efforts as my wife/partner, has become a Plant Based Chef and Certified in Plant Based Nutrition.  Now, we are seldom far apart, I in my upstairs office, her in her kitchen and downstairs workstation where she creates, tests marvelous, delicious Plant Based Cuisine. I get to be the 'taste tester', office manager, scribe and web master for our many web sites; most focused on different aspects of Health, Wellness Healing and a Plant Based Lifestyle.

I now do active 'cancer counseling', mostly for guys, like me, diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  Yes I am here for others suffering lifestyle diseases as well.  My Health, Healing & Longevity web site is now up and available:  Visit please.

I never, in a million years, would have EVER thought I'd be doing this at 77, but darnn if it isn't the most rewarding thing I could have ever imagined.  With our energy levels and health so phenomenal we plan to do this as long as we can; maybe for another 70 years! ( Who knows, there are a LOT of sick, lethargic people on this Planet who need help!