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A Structured Approach to Health, Wellness and Longevity

We provide a structured, solution-oriented process undertaken to persuade someone who may be sick or addicted to poor nutrition choices to seek help in overcoming the illness. The individual, family, friends, and others involved in the person's life may request this educational intervention.  Our approach  is not a confrontation but an opportunity for an individual to accept help in taking the first step toward Health & Wellness. Often, our program is requested to serve as a guide and education before, during, and after a medical treatment program; and very often in place of a more 'traditional' approach.

There are thousands of people suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes 2 and other 'Lifestyle Diseases' that are often preventable and reversible.  When a person becomes addicted to poor food choices there are often diseases that follow when the body's natural immune system is compromised.  People who experience weakened immune systems often will have coronary arterial and heart disease.  Others will develop a wide variety of cancers.  Diabetes often is an early indicator of disease.  Obesity is often the first indicator and links cancer, heart disease and diabetes in a Triumvirate of death.

An Educational Approach

Our approach is one of gentle persuasion and education.  We use our personal experiences with disease and poor diet as examples of how these illnesses Can Be Overcome.  It is never too late to change your lifestyle and surmount the obstacles that disease present.  Poor nutrition is causal basis that most doctors never consider.  Most of the medical industry shuns any basis for disease caused by nutritional deficiencies.   They seldom identify a linkage between the symptom (disease) with a true cause but prefer, instead, to initiate treatment protocols that often render the patient worse off than previously.

We offer an alternative and adjunct to traditional medical practices.  When a person is ill, has cancer, heart disease, diabetes, they are often prescribed a series of drugs whose side effects are to further compromise the body's natural immune system.  These drugs damage or destroy the healthy gut bacteria that is responsible for much of the natural immune system.  In point of fact, the reason the person is sick is usually due, at least in part, to a reduced immune system response.

We present a scientific basis for addressing these illnesses with a nutritional Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) approach.  It has worked for us and we explain how we accomplished our transition and offer to aid in moving toward a Plant Based Lifestyle.  This will often support any ongoing medical treatment and help rebuild the body's natural immune system.

Practical Steps

Our program is tailored to each specific individual and/or family.  Oftentimes, the Wellness Intervention will target the entire family; especially when it is an obesity issue.  In either case, family and friends who support recovery and disease reversal are often critical components in recovery.  Regaining Health & Wellness can be a Family Affair~

Because we approach this as a Lifestyle Program, NOT A DIET, it addresses, not only the food choices, but the entire lifestyle.  Exercise, supplements and current medications are part of the specific individual program.  We will inspect the home, surroundings and content of the pantry, refrigerator/freezer to isolate and remove unhealthy foods.  We will look at the cleaning products and home environment of the individual and family unit.  We will interview each participant to identify dependencies, addictions and any substance abuse.  In some cases, outside professional medical or psychological support may be necessary.

In most case dealing with the Lifestyle Choices and working to redirect them to healthier venues is more than sufficient to place the individual/family on a path to better health.  See more at our Lifestyle Site.