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Living to 100 & Beyond
77+ on our Way to 100+

When I was younger, a very long time ago that feels like yesterday, I never dreamed what it would be like to be 77, on March 20th 2020, and I am just getting started!  In 1985 I found the love of my life and my eternal soul mate.  We have been inseparable ever since.
I've had a wonderful life, with a wonderful wife and daughter; not to mention 7 fantastic grandchildren. When I think back on all the times, good and not-so-good, I am So thankful to all my friends and associates who have known me over the years. Many good friends are gone. My younger brother, Bob Stein, is gone; he died suffering from pancreatic cancer.  My Dad (prostate cancer) a few years before and this year (2017) we lost my Mother (complications with diabetes and heart disease).  Nancy's Mother died in 1995 of bladder cancer (really the radiation therapy did her in).
I am still here, although the best doctors told me I'd be dead by now. You see, I have (or had) prostate cancer and refused traditional 'therapies' some 7+ years ago. They said I'd die within 3 to 5 years, no matter what course of 'treatment' I chose, so I said to hell with it and chose, None of the Above!
I know, many have said (and still do) I was crazy to ignore the many doctors I visited, tests they ran and advice they provided. Some tried to rush me into all sorts of barbaric 'treatments' but I refused; choosing quality of LIFE over being treated to death.
That Was Then, THIS is Now!
Getting that awful diagnosis is traumatic to say the least. But, in hindsight, it was the best damn thing that ever happened to me! When I chose LIFE over treatment, I began to heal, body, mind and soul.
I discovered that my lifestyle had contributed, and possibly caused, my cancer. I chose to Change my Lifestyle rather than die. Seems a simple choice, and it was, for Me. For many others, it seems, not so much.
Be that as it may, my lovely wife Nancy and I will be hitting 71 this year! It has invigorated US and provided us goals and direction to continue on to the next milestone, healthy living to 100. Beyond that, well time will tell! (but we do have goals!)
How We Plan to Live to 100 & Beyond
Having purpose is one of the keys to healthy longevity. That and a Healthy Lifestyle provides most of what you need to live to be 100 and beyond. We have talked to so many who think we are crazy and ask, “Why would you want to live that long?”. Well hell, that is an easy answer because the alternative is death!
We talk to a lot of folks in our effort to encourage people to change their lifestyle to a healthier more vibrant one. Choosing to LIVE, not just wait around to Die. I mean, where is the fun in that?
As we age, most of us gain insight, knowledge and perspective that, to us, is so obvious but to younger folks, again, not so much. Trying to disseminate 'how we thrive' is a goal Nancy and I both have had for many years now. Being on this journey, with my lovely wife Nancy, provides strength and guidance. We support each other in our efforts to stay the path and do not waver.
It is really so simple, and you will hardly ever hear that from a medical practitioner in the traditional medical industry. You have to search it out, find the 'alternatives' and that search can be enlightening, rewarding and life changing; not to mention FUN.
So What IS the Answer?
We believe that answer to a long, vibrant life, free from drugs, 'treatments' and most traditional medical practices provided to us 'old folks' is so simple, most people ignore it. It is ALL about Nutrition and your Natural Immune System. We have ALL been blessed with the ability to HEAL, naturally, but most medical treatments, drugs and procedures suppress/destroy our natural immune system. No wonder people die from infection and 'complications' and seldom from the disease for which they are being treated.
Exploring ALL/Most of the 'alternative' practices, treatments, programs has been, at times, tedious but always enlightening. We constantly try to explain, to anyone who will listen, that the Common Denominator in almost ALL of these very successful alternative cures, it a Plant Based Lifestyle lived on a foundation of Whole Plant Foods.
This lifestyle has invigorated us and cured us of so many ailments that we didn't even realize we had. Energy levels are off the charts, we are seldom sick, take no drugs are on no medical treatment programs, just living the healthy vibrant life we all can.
We have so much energy that Nancy went back to school and earned her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. I started a couple new health-focused enterprises. We have learned that, with so much extra energy, we Love hiking and have explored over 100 National Parks in the USA during our Plant Based Road Trips.
Onward to 100
So this is how we are heading onward to 100. We have no idea what the future holds but we know, facing it together, and with our vibrant health we accept all challenges and look forward to each and every day!
We have learned that living a Plant Based Lifestyle is full of delicious and nutritious FOOD, that so many others just have never experienced or realized existed. We don't live to eat but, damn, we sure DO enjoy eating delicious plant based cuisine! Nancy has become a wonderful Plant Based Chef!
Nancy had written a book about changing to a Plant Based Lifestyle; "Restoring America's Health ~ Simple Steps to a Plant Based Lifestyle". I've got a couple started myself. I maintain all our 20+ websites as well as my Company books/records and other businesses. You will see several links highlighted throughout this article. I hope you take some time to explore them.
You see, we really DO have so much energy, at times we are besides ourselves to decide which project to do next, where to travel/hike and how we can possibly fit it all in, just in the next 30+ years. It will be a challenge, but damn, that is what life and LIVING is all about. Facing and surmounting obstacles, striving for excellence in all things, and, above all, Loving and Living the wonderful LIFE with which we have been blessed.

 It is NEVER too Late to Change!