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Dysfunction in the Medical Industry
Treating the Symptoms, Not the Cause

The medical industry makes billion$ every year from treating patients.  Doctors see patients for a few minutes, determine the symptom/complaint and do a quick examination then rush over to the prescription pad to prescribe a drug.

If the primary physician can’t quickly determine which drug to prescribe, they usually will refer the patient to a specialist.  The specialist will often prescribe radiation scans, MRI, X-ray or other passive examinations and if nothing obvious is found, will resort to prophylactic drugs to sort of treat what they can’t diagnose in hopes the symptoms will just go away.  If they don’t there are always additional drugs they will try.  It goes on and on.

There is little or no concern about the side effects of all these drugs and radiation may be inflicting on the patient. If one drug has a nasty side effect, there is usually another drug prescribed to ameliorate the symptomatic impact of the previous drug.  Then that too, is repeated as necessary, often resulting in multiple medications being taken by the patient.

If the MRI or other scan determines that there is a serious cardiovascular issue then a stent or bypass operation is usually suggested.  If it is a tumor, a biopsy is done and chemo, radiation, surgery is usually the approach.  If it is diabetes, again back to the prescription pad.  These are the three most common serious diseases that are killing Americans and others who follow the Standard American Deadly Diet.  It may provide some temporary relief for the patient but definitely makes billion$ for the treatment industry.

Please note, there is never a mention of a CURE.  It is always a treatment.  There is seldom, if ever, a diagnosis of the CAUSE of the disease.  Doctors know that heart disease, many cancers, and diabetes (and many others) are CAUSED by the Lifestyle of the patient.  It is what they eat, how they live/work that is most often the root cause of these Lifestyle Diseases. 

Some Doctors, who recognize that the ailment is lifestyle based, seldom, if ever, prescribe Lifestyle Changes because they don’t believe the patient will ever accept or act on the prescription of CHANGE.  So, they continue to prescribe drugs, surgeries and toxins to treat the patient until they DIE.  I call it ‘Treating You to Death’!

Other Doctors, are totally ignorant of the impact of lifestyle on health and wellness.  Yes, it’s true!  My own oncologist, years ago, told and my wife and I, to our faces, that lifestyle, food/nutrition, had NO BEARING on my cancer and that nutrition or lifestyle change would do nothing to help treat my cancer.  Go figure.  If I had actually listened to him and accept his prescribed treatment(s), I’d be (by his own diagnosis) DEAD now.  That asshole should go to jail!  But, I digress....

As long as the focus on medicine in the USA is on treating symptoms and not on removing the cause, there will never be a Healthy America.  There is just too much money being made by the medical industry to ever, EVER, make a change.  Those afflicted by these diseases but still alive are being slowly Treated to Death with barbaric, horrendous, treatments that are often more painful and debilitating than the disease they purport to treat.

The answer is that we must do it ourselves.  Yes, resorting to the old DIY approach, with loads of help from others may be your best chance of surviving the deadly three, most common diseases, in America today. Heart/Cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes (including obesity that links all three), are killing thousands of Americans every day.  Don’t be counted in the treatment statistics; be counted amongst the Healthy, cured numbers of thousands of Americans who have successfully beaten and reversed these deadly diseases without, yes, I did say WITHOUT, those deadly treatments that seldom, if ever, actually have CURED anyone.

It is SO SIMPLE.  It’s a Lifestyle Change that will actually address the CAUSE not just treating the symptoms.  It may not be easy at first, but chemo is hardly a walk in the park.  Having your chest cracked open and a couple of surgeons rummaging around in your body is not exactly a day at a theme park!  Losing your eyesight or a leg to diabetes is not something most people look forward to!  No Change is difficult but treatment is painful and potentially deadly and the treatment really offers NO CURE.

No, the real CURE is within your grasp.  Even better, Avoidance and PREVENTION is a much better solution for a Healthier America.  Think of the billion$ that could be saved, the pain/suffering avoided if people just did NOT GET SICK.  Humans are not designed to be sick.  Too many people have become somehow convinced that these diseases are ‘normal’ and acceptable.  This is SO NOT THE CASE!

Oh, I’m not naive or stupid enough to believe that all disease can be avoided.  Accidents happen too.  The World is a dangerous place and we NEED doctors, surgeons and the medical establishments to help treat those in need.  BUT, let’s not overburden the healthcare industry with needless patients who could readily avoid being sick; sickness that is often/mostly self-inflicted by Lifestyle Choices.

Let’s educate and demonstrate that America Can be Healthy.  Let us begin by "Restoring American's Health". The proof is in the thousands of us who seldom, if ever, get sick.  There are enclaves/localities around the Planet, called Blue Zones, where people live healthy, vibrant lives will beyond 100 years.  Yes, I did say HEALTHY beyond 100!  Don’t believe the corrupt medical establishment that tries convince you that disease and sickness is somehow normal.  It is NOT NORMAL, it is an aberration and a problem, yes, but definitely not normal.

Why not CHOOSE to be Healthy?  Why not Avoid being sick.  An ounce of prevention, it has been said, is worth a pound of cure.  Let’s work to prevent unnecessary disease.  Let us work to get and stay healthy for the rest of our long lives!  Consider a Lifestyle Change NOW and stay healthy and simply, don’t get sick!