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ED – Early Death

We just received and watched the latest documentary on Health & Wellness from Garden Fresh Media called “Eating You Alive”.  This is a great movie in the tradition of Forks Over Knives and expands and clarifies many points in previous movies.  Many of your best-known Doctors are featured so this will be a familiar fare for those of you familiar with healthy diets and eating a Plant Based diet.

There were some updated points made and dietary items clarified and expanded upon. I highly recommend you get a copy for your video library.  It may just save your life or that of a loved one or friend.

One of the items discussed was targeted at men; often the most stubborn and resistant to this sort of lifestyle change that eliminates MEAT, Fish, Dairy and Eggs.  We have seen too many men just refuse to accept the facts that they are candidates for a pine box or lovely urn.

One of the humorous things discussed by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn was that Erectile Dysfunction, which plagues thousands of men in the USA, is abbreviated and commonly known as “ED”.  In the presentation, this was adjusted to mean “Early Death”.

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It is also sometimes also referred to as impotence.  Stress is a possible cause but in most cases, it is caused by the restriction of blood flow to the penis; so, the pneumatic function and pressure just cannot ‘raise the flag’!   The small arteries that provide the pneumatic pressure are often clogged with plaques and should be viewed as an Early Warning sign of cardiovascular disease.

So, if you are like thousands of men who take that ‘little blue pill’ to relieve the Symptoms of ED, you are also in danger of arterial disease that has already progressed in your body.  That ‘little blue pill’ just is a dilator that expands the arteries to allow the blood to flow.  If the small blood vessels in a man’s penis are clogged, the odds are that the rest of his circulatory system has been compromised.

That ‘little blue pill’ may help you in the short term (no pun intended), long term it is only helping treat a SYMPTOM, not the Cause of a potential catastrophic failure of your arterial system leading to Sudden DEATH.  There is a simple, inexpensive (lot cheaper than those pills) to treat and permanently remedy this ailment.  It is simply to eliminate the Cause of the problem, which is usually all the meat, fish, dairy and eggs you eat.

If you want to stay vital, sexually active and increase your longevity, consider changing your diet and lifestyle.  Learn how to adapt to and live a Plant Based Lifestyle.  It will not only help you in the bedroom but will also increase your stamina, energy levels and desire to live a long and healthy life.

Don’t Die before your time.  Learn to LIVE a health, vital life with Delicious Food.  Learn how we are Restoring America’s Health with Simple Steps to a Plant Based Lifestyle.

Health is Cheaper than Sickness.  Way more FUN too!