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How Do You Say NO?
Refusing Traditional Treatment for Cancer

Anyone who has received the dreaded ‘cancer’ diagnosis is often bereft of hope based on most conventional predictive outcomes.  Doctors talk about ‘survival rates’ not about healing.  When faced with cancer they set the stage; which is pretty sick when you think about it.  As Shakespeare said: “All the world is a stage!” and we live in/on it every day.

Traditional medicine is usually the first to diagnose and identify the ‘cancer’ and there are so many varieties it is truly scary.  By the time many cancers are discovered they have spread and evolved to other cancers and other parts of the body.  This is usually the worst-case scenario and are usually staged as a IV, being the worst.

The best-case scenario, if one can consider anything a ‘best case’, is early detection and a stage 1.  This is the optimum treatment target and provides the individual with the most choices.  When facing more advanced ‘stages’ there are still, usually the same, choices it is just that the risk of success is diminished with each advancing stage.

Deciding on a choice of treatment often depends on the veracity and competency of the treating doctor, usually an ‘oncologist’.  These experts all too often fail to fully inform the patient about ALL the options that there are available.  In most cases the patient is given the ‘bum’s rush’ in the direction of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and often a deadly composite of all three.

Seldom are the patients informed of any ‘alternatives’ and to recommend them by a doctor is actually illegal in the USA.  Alternatives are verboten/anathema in the American Medical system; only conventional treatments are offered and few actually CHOICES provided.  Then there are the diabolical ‘scare tactics’ that oncologists are so good at.  They really do belong on a stage; such is their conveying of the treatment options.  Many actually know about alternatives but either fail to mention them as options or purposely divert a patient away from such, in the oncologist’s opinion, ‘crazy’ approaches.

This is all despite the FACTs that many/most of these alternative approaches to Healing are and have been effective for decades in the USA and around the planet.  Many of these alternative therapies that DO work have been deemed illegal by the corrupt political and medical establishment in the USA; mostly because they are effective but inexpensive; thus, impeding the cash flow that traditional ‘treatments’ provide to the doctor and the medical system.

There is such a plethora of evidence that alternative cancer treatment approaches DO work it is astounding. There are dozens to hundreds of recent documentaries, films and videos explaining these alternative approaches and their effectiveness for selected cancers.  We are talking about dozens of options, many of which involve nutritional approaches and most are non-invasive like ‘heat therapy’ which is also banned in the USA for cancer treatment.

The nutritional approach, which is the one I selected (yes, against all the medical opinions I received!) has been and is effective for me and SO many others.  It is a simple lifestyle change where you eat yourself to health with delicious and nutritious Whole Plant Foods.  The hard part was actually Just Saying NO! to all those doctors and their advice/intimidation.  You would not believe some of the crap my wife and I were told.  I was told I’d be DEAD in three years unless I did surgery, radiation or other diabolical treatment; but if I DID do the ‘treatments’ I’d be dead in about 5 years in any case; due to my ‘aggressive prostate cancer’.  So, I was dead no matter what I did.

My simple solution really was to Just Say NO!  I rejected ALL conventional medical ‘wisdom’ and changed my diet, lifestyle and way of living. It wasn’t easy; it was a Massive change for me; but darned if it hasn’t seemed to work.  According to conventional medicine any ‘survival’ of over 5 years is a cure.  Thus, based upon their criteria, I CURED MYESELF with FOOD, exercise, yoga and a few supplements.  Go figure and it didn’t cost much at all.  No thousands per treatment, just a few dollars for every delicious whole food plant-based meal, a lot of juicing of vegetables and eating fruit, nuts and seeds.

I did say NO but only after weeks of research were my lovely wife and I practically lived on the internet, renting/purchasing documentaries, watching videos and reading.  There were so many influential ones I won’t go into it now but I have documented on my prostate cancer web site: Now it’s almost NINE (9) years since that dreadful day when I was told I had cancer and was going to die. I’m healthier now than when diagnosed and a lot older/wiser for sure.

Do I still have cancer?  Probably YES; but hell, we all have cancer cells in our bodies.  It is our healthy immune system that stop us from succumbing and dying from it. But that works the same for cardiovascular and other diseases that are promoted by the Standard American Deadly Diet. As Clark Gable said:
“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

So, is it easy to Just Say No?  Oh, Hell NO.  It is agonizing and traumatizing but it IS and has been the right choice for me!  So many others have done the same with gratifying results; much to the chagrin of the conventional medical establishment.  There just is no money in Health, Wellness and Longevity.  So, if YOU are facing this horrible disease and having to make your decision, Take Some TIME to research, understand your type of cancer, it’s typical progression and outcome.  Watch some documentaries, there are many.  Talk to survivors; there are hundreds of ‘boards’ on FaceBook, Google and LinkedIn and more to check out.  Ask for help and advice. Seek out natural medical assistance from a Naturopath and other alternative practitioners. There are so many who will help educate you to assist, NOT make the choice for you.

You must decide whether to Just Say NO!