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Sooner Rather Than Later
NOW Rather Than Tomorrow

We are very focused on helping people adopt a Plant Based Lifestyle and often are asked how and when should a person begin the ‘transition’?  NOW is usually our answer.

People when faced with Major Life Changes usually are very resistant to that change.  The motivation for change is as varied as the people who ask the question.  Many, if not most, of the people who ask or inquire into a Plant Based Lifestyle approach to living are motivated by illness and the desire to re-gain their health.  Some are dying from late stage cancers and are, only at this late date, finding out about a Nutritional Approach to healing for the first time.

This is one of the most horrendous tragedies perpetrated by the medical industry.  Doctors, the people you trust with your life, are unaware or actively avoid the power of FOOD and how lifestyle can both cause as well as reverse disease.  By either ignorance or avoidance, the healthcare industry pays scant attention to the actual Cause of a person’s disease/cancer but only focuses on the treatment.

If you bang your shin on the coffee table, it hurts and you tend to either move it or walk a wider path around so you avoid the pain. But if you continue to do the same thing and bang your shin over and over again, ignoring the obvious solution to removing the pain, you will get a permanent bruise that will never fully heal.

The same goes for cancer and most other lifestyle diseases.  If you get sick, you want to correct or CURE the disease, but if you never remove the cause, how can you expect any cure to remain effective?  Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other cancer ‘treatments’ attack the symptom but never remove the cause.  If temporary remission, never a cure, is achieved, the cancer always returns (often more viciously than before) and is usually terminal; You DIE.

Just like your shin, if you don’t remove the constant irritation or cause of the disease, how can you ever expect to remove the pain or cure the disease?  This is the quandary that the current medical industry faces but it is easily explained: MONEY.  When faced with massive profits, there is little or no incentive for your doctor to actually seek to CURE you.  They make little to no money treating healthy patients.

Lifestyle Change is the same as moving the coffee table or walking around.  It is different and a bit of work, but you will forever remove the pain/suffering from your bruised shin.  That is the Power of FOOD and the Power of a Plant Based Lifestyle.

So, IF you want to remove your pain/suffering, feel better and live a longer, more vibrant life, we suggest you change your lifestyle:

NOW Rather Than Tomorrow