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So, You Made It
You Are Now Fully Plant Based (Vegan)
Now What?

Congratulations!  If you have completed your transition to a fully Plant Based (Vegan) Lifestyle you have accomplished something that 95% of the Planet can’t or won’t do.  You can now hope to live a Healthily Life to 100 years and beyond!

But, wait, are you really eating a healthy diet?  Living to 100 and beyond with health and vitality is certainly possible living a plant based lifestyle, but there are some considerations.  Just because you eat only foodstuffs that don’t contain any meat, fish, dairy or eggs (or derivatives) and you may even avoid GMO products, you may not actually be living a HEALTHY Plant Based (Vegan) Lifestyle.

Sorry to burst your bubble but there are plant based (vegan) folks who are not healthy.  We tend to call them ‘junk food vegans’.  Some people make the transition from carnivores to plant based with the aid of ‘crutch foods’.  These are foods that, while they are vegan, containing no animal products/by-products, they may not be that healthy.  Many people use meat/dairy analogues to bridge the transition to a plant based diet.  These foods are processed and often contain some not-so-healthy stuff.  Many contain a lot of high calorie oils, protein isolates and other ingredients are not healthy at all.

Oh Crap, now what? you are thinkingI just gave up my cheese and developed a fondness for the new and delicious ‘vegan cheese’ readily available on the market.  I gave up my Italian sausages for breakfast and replaced them with meat analogues.  I gave up my burgers for analog products that taste pretty darn close and are actually delicious.  I gave up my dairy ice cream and yogurt for soy, almond or coconut based analogues. I’ve trained my taste buds to enjoy plant based cuisine.  I love them!

The good news is that you don’t eat meat, fish dairy or eggs any longer.  The bad news is that all these analogue products are still Processed and a long way from Natural Whole Foods that we prefer you to eat.  Great for transitioning but many get ‘hooked’ on these substitute analogue products and they can be not so very healthy.  Many plant based, vegan, products are loaded with preservatives and chemicals and many too, are laced with toxic GMO ingredients (unless they are specifically labeled organic!). 

Now, I am NOT saying to stop eating these products.  You still must read the labels and be selective in your choices.  No, just consider them your ‘new fast food’ alternatives.  Use these products (often frozen) as easy to grab and prepare meals when you don’t have time to prepare a full Plant Based Meal.  Yes, they are delicious but they also contain the same addictive salt, sugar and oils that got you hooked on the animal based PROCESSED FOODS.

Learn to cook and prepare Whole Foods yourself and limit those ‘processed analogues’ as much as possible.  You can actually make your own delicious plant based cheeses, meat analogues and frozen desserts in your own home without the preservatives and additives that come with the marketplace processed varieties.   Making things yourself is both cheaper and healthier; but it does take time.  Time, you can allocate to have a fun time on a weekend or evening when there is nothing on TV.

Plant Based Cuisine is delicious, inexpensive and healthy.  You will learn, just as you did when you gave up your meat, fish, dairy and eggs that preparing plant based meals takes no more time and is usually cheaper than what you may have been used to.  In many cases quicker than a pizza delivery in the old days!

Learn to thrive in Nature’s bounty of whole natural foods, minimally processed and delicious.  Eat the rainbow of the wonderful Natural FOOD that Nature provides.  Then you CAN Live Long and Prosper, well into your 100’s and beyond!