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Institutions for Dying
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Just a while ago, Nancy and I attended a presentation by CRC Development Corporation for Legacy Pointe at UCF. It is a new ‘planned community’ for Seasoned Citizens.  Promoted with links to the University of Central Florida, it seemed a great place to check out.  I’ve always wanted to return to campus and take (audit?) some classes.  UCF has a renowned department of Anthropology with a focus on the ancient and contemporary peoples of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.  As a much younger man, I traveled frequently to Mexico and visited many of the Mayan Cities and was enthralled with their history, technology and lifestyle; violent as it may have been.  But that is off topic!
I wanted to hear this presentation of an adult education centered community and thought this might be a great place to live, if we ever decided to sell our lovely home in South Orlando.  Not far from family and I anticipated a grand adventure of continuing education; both for myself and Nancy.
That was NOT what we received.  The entire presentation was focused on illness, costs of illness and how they would care for you as you lay ill and dying.  They had a lovely presentation of how the long-term care facilities would take care of you for $4870/month EACH.  That didn’t include the cost of the residence at about $280,00 plus a $3,000/month maintenance fee.  They had a scheme that was really a rental so you would get back most of the money to your Estate!  Are you kidding me?
There was a ‘free lunch’ involved but we were suspect if they would serve anything we would actually eat.  BOY we were pleasantly surprised!  The hotel that hosted the event, The Alfond Inn in Winter Park Florida, prepared a truly excellent quinoa/veggie mix that was just delicious.  We enjoyed this healthy/delicious meal while the others dined on greasy chicken and dairy/butter soaked potatoes; all grease.  Then there were the rolls, full of dairy and possibly eggs that the waiter was kind enough to inform us to avoid! As we looked around the room, we were the ONLY ones not feasting on greasy chicken and dairy butter soaked potatoes.  Then there was the desert; we were served a delicious dairy free sorbet while the others consumed cheesecake with whipped topping.
Needless to say, we were impressed, not by the facilities presented but were pleasantly surprised and pleased with the consideration shown to us and our plant based dietary preferences.  But the presentation about how this entire, very expensive, project was totally centered on illness, disease and long term care for sick people left a sour taste.  Their view is that everyone will get sick, require long term medical care at massive cost.
How terribly SAD is this view?  There is an entire industry focused on death and dying!  This is the state of our medical industry.  No one promotes Health & Wellness and Longevity; no, they assume you are going to be dead and dying and pretty quickly too!  The high-pressure sales pitch said you better sign up now because the cost of your long term skilled care will approach $10,339/month by 2020 (when the facility will accept residents/patients).
To be fair, they did mention a swimming pool and exercise room but, from the tone of voice, the presenter didn’t seem to expect anyone to be able to actually USE them.  Then there was a brief mention of pathway/walkways but they appeared to be designed for walkers and wheelchairs, not robustly exercising seniors.
Not a single mention of Life and LIVING which is what we are all about.  Heck, we are only 70 and have a long way to go and things to do and be done.  We are ACTIVE and energetic.  Heck, Nancy just published her book on “Restoring America’s Health” this month and we have plans to continue this as a series of Plant Based Lifestyle features, recipes, menus and more.  We are certainly NOT ready for that long-term care; we are trying to educate and care for others.
On a positive note, besides the lovely/delicious lunch, we sat next to a lovely couple.  They saw what we were served and then looked at their own plates and naturally asked us what we were being served and why.  Well I am NEVER one to miss an opportunity to educate, elucidate and encourage another towards a healthier lifestyle!  By the end of the desert we had them interested in trying a plant based lifestyle for 30 days.  As a reward, Nancy gave them a copy of her book (had some in the car!).  I hope they enjoy and adopt some of the ideas Nancy has presented.
We managed to talk to just two people out of maybe 75 in the room.  I wanted to run up and take over and show one of our presentation slide shows to this audience.  Lord knows they would benefit from the information that could possibly change and save their lives.  I managed, somehow, to restrain myself and settle for the two lovely new friends we talked to. Plus her sister was a breast cancer survivor who may be facing a recurrence of that devastating disease.  Maybe the book and our suggestions will have a further reach than just this luncheon.
We do this because you just don’t know who will listen.  Who will benefit and who will live a bit healthier and longer life.  We thrive on this Plant Based approach to Life, Health and Longevity and try to never miss an opportunity to share.  If you or a loved one wants to save about $10,000/month on long term medical expenses (as described in the presentation) we would be more than happy to help.  Our fees are WAY cheaper and longer lasting that this recurring expense promoted at this presentation.
Health is Cheaper than Sickness.  Way more FUN too!