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Cancer Organizations’ Activities That Fail

I just read a post on LinkedIn about another campaign for cancer.  This time it’s the 13th Annual “S.E.A. Blue prostate cancer walk/run” in Chicago cooked up by “Us TOO International” focused on prostate cancer. Yet another in a long list of groups/agencies and treatment facilities that promote the treatment of prostate cancer.  They talk about ‘MRI-fusion biopsy: the contemporary experience’ and ‘Low-risk Prostate Cancer: Identification, Management, and Outcomes’ and more. All these fancy and EXPENSIVE treatments but never seem to mention a CURE, just seems to be never ending stream of treatment. 

It is unfortunate/tragic that men, with prostate cancer, and SO many others don't know, have not been informed or just refuse to even CONSIDER that the medical industry, for decades, have FAILED to do much to even slow the growth of the Cancer pandemic. 

Since the National Cancer Act of 1971, Nixon’s War on Cancer, (before many of you were born) there has been little/no progress.  Oh yes, lots of new/expensive drugs, expensive new proton beam therapies and other voodoo medical crap, but NOTHING has put a dent in the continuing tragedy of Cancer (as well as Heart Disease, Diabetes 2 and more).

The horrible TRUTH is that Cancer IS Curable NOW but these men and many others have never, ever, heard about it.  Simple Cheap and effective approaches to cancer (and other ailments) have been known and mostly suppressed for decades.  Since the 1940’s (Read about Max Gerson) there have been success story after success story of doctors and others developing non-invasive but very EFFECTIVE treatments for cancer.  But your health care ‘professional’ probably never mentioned it.  No, they want to RUSH you off to ‘treatment’; surgery, chemotherapy, drugs, drugs and more drugs.  They NEVER explore the CAUSE or reason you are sick!

What so many just do not get is that it is LIFESTYLE that is at the root cause for most of these diseases and few/no doctor will ever even mention it.  They TREAT the Symptoms but NEVER address the cause.  Treating people to death is PROFITABLE.

WHOLE FOOD, yes, I said FOOD and plant based nutrition is at the core of tens/hundreds of successful CURES (or at least indefinite delay/postponement of progression) for cancer and other diseases.  Doctors are not trained, most nutritionists are ill informed but the TRUTH is that a basic Whole Food Plant Based Diet/Lifestyle can stop, and often reverse cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more.  Unfortunately, you will seldom hear it, but hear it from me now, a prostate cancer survivor/thriver

I posted a shorter version of this in a remark to a posting but it was deleted.