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Everywhere Should Be a 'Blue Zone'.

Have you heard about ‘Blue Zones’?  They are communities of regular people in groups all over the Planet who live WELL into their 100’s; living vital, active and productive lives.  Studies have been done, books written and documentaries produced about how they function, thrive and live.  These Blue Zones are:

  • Ikaria, Greece. ...
  • Okinawa, Japan. ...
  • Ogliastra Region, Sardinia. ...
  • Loma Linda, California. ...
  • Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

The only ‘Blue Zone’ in the USA is in Loma Linda California, a 7th Day Adventist (mostly) community.  As a religious community they follow a basically nutritional vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, avoiding most meat, fish, dairy and eggs.  This is the trait of all those other ‘Blue Zone’ Communities around the Planet; a focus on a mostly Whole Food Plant Based diet.  In addition, they are all very ACTIVE, without specific structured exercise routines, they just MOVE and DO.

Everywhere should be a 'Blue Zone', but we, especially in the USA are eating The Standard American Deadly Diet (SADD). This is a way of eating that is polluted with fast/processed ‘food’ that shouldn’t even be called ‘Food’.  It is full of chemicals, very often genetically modified crap (who knows what you are really eating), saturated with pesticides (most often glyphosate – Round Up) and trucked from manufacturing plants from distant places/lands.  This is NOT the ‘Food’ of our Grandparents.  Often this is NOT natural at all but so processed/modified that is more of a solidified chemical soup/gunk formulated and molded to look like real Food.

This SADD is why so many are sick, lethargic and dying.  You, your friends, relatives and associates are taking a plethora of drugs to offset the crazy damaging diet and lifestyle.  These drugs have horrendous side effects, forcing additional drugs to be prescribed to offset the debilitating effects of previous drugs.  This plays well into the medical industry who make billino$ by treating people to death.  Surgery, radiation, more drugs and poisons (chemo) are literally killing thousands of Americans every year. 

The really disgusting thing is that most (90%) of these debilitating illnesses are due to self-inflicted lifestyle choices.  Yes, it IS a choice that you make every day, usually three times/day when you eat your meals.  Whole Plant Based Food has been proven to be MORE effective than many of the drugs people take for lifestyle diseases: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes II and more.  ALL these are Preventable and Treatable with lifestyle and a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle; cheaply and quickly!

We are fighting a battle against the corrupt food, medical and political industry that promotes sickness for profit.  There is NO excuse but people have been brainwashed; and that includes doctors, who have no clue how nutrition and Whole Foods contribute and form the foundation of total Health, Wellness and Longevity.  Few will EVER change. 

It is up to US, YOU, to help inform and encourage the cessation of this travesty in healthcare and agriculture and medicine and to refocus on Human Health, Wellness and Longevity so every city, town and country can be a 'Blue Zone'.  Forming a 'virtual' Blue Zones can help develop the foundation for actual centers of health around the Country and Planet.  Sharing information and just informing people that we CAN live Long and Prosperous lives, well into our 100's is not only possible but not all that difficult.