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I’m Too Negative?
Trying to Save and Prolong Your Life

Many reading this may have seen my numerous postings in the past.  I am pretty active on some social media sites, writing short articles about Health & Wellness.  In the past, I focused on my IT career but recently closed that company, after 25 years, to focus on helping people avoid disease and reverse illness and live a long and vital/healthy life.  I have been told by a few that I am too negative but don’t really understand how wanting to educate, inform and help/teach people how to live longer and healthier lives is somehow ‘negative’?

My life was almost ended with cancer but, for a wonderful wife and family, I’d be dead if I had listened to the many doctors (regular, oncology and radiological, etc.).  Luckily and with amazing help from my lovely wife, now Chef Nancy, I overcame that deadly diagnosis of over 7 years ago and am thriving today.  Yea, better than ever and I didn’t do a damn thing from the conventional medical perspective.

Am I a bit angry, really pissed off, at the traditional medical establishment?  Do I rant and often rave against the barbaric and mostly useless traditional medical treatments for cancer; you bet your bottom dollar I do.  Not only did I save my own life, I saved ten$ of thousand$ of my and the insurance company dollars by actually Healing Myself.  I never say I cured my cancer, just that I’m alive and kicking years beyond what those doctors (quacks?) told me and healthier now (by independent lab tests) than I ever was!

So, am I too negative when I try to tell others that they might be able to Heal themselves not suffer through, mostly ineffective treatments that are often worse than the disease?  I don’t think so.  Maybe it’s because so many are ill or know someone who is and that this scares the hell out of them.  I do know, and experienced, that ‘bums rush’ when all those oncologists tried to force me into their ‘treatment programs’.  I see so many suffering needlessly with chemotherapy and they still get worse and die; after suffering tremendously under the ‘treatment programs’.  Lost appetite and loss of taste, terrible debilitating pain and nausea, it is a horrible way to be Treated to Death.

Most cancer patients who die (way too many) don’t really die of cancer (skews the stats), they die from the secondary infections that are allowed to take hold because their ‘treatments’ of chemo, radiation and some surgery, destroyed their natural immune systems.  They die from those secondary infections of pneumonia, staph infections (from the hospital) or some other immune deficiency disease.

Those lucky enough to get a remission (doctors never say cure) for over 5 years, are considered statistically ‘cured’.  Even without detectable cancer tumors, the cancer is still there and will often come back with a vengeance in a few years; that time it will kill you!  Even though you will die, if you survived for more than 5 years the stats will report you ‘cured’; go figure!  Great for the medical industry statisticians; not so good for you!

The most disturbing, might I say disgusting, thing is that many/most of these people do NOT have to suffer the effects of these barbaric treatments.  They could opt to take an alternative route, of which there are hundreds, that may offer less debilitating and yes, more effective treatments.  Treatments that do not almost kill you but may, just may, prolong your life or at the minimum allow you to live your last amount of time, gracefully and even joyfully.

We are ALL going to die and we all pray/hope for a long life.  If you or a loved one has received a cancer diagnosis, don’t despair.  Don’t go into severe depression; the diagnosis is bad enough.  Accept it, deal with it and consider your alternatives.  Research the hell out of your cancer, find support groups of SURVIVORS, not depressing dying groups.  Find what YOU are comfortable with.  It takes more effort to fight to live than just sitting in a chemo chair or under a proton beam machine but damn, at least the Food is delicious.

Yes, I’m talking about what worked for me; and continues to this day.  A Plant Based Lifestyle, full of delicious vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and more!  If you gotta go, go in style with a full belly, and a smile on your face; knowing that YOU gave it your best shot.  Sure, it means change, usually a drastic and dramatic one but one that can work for YOU.

Remember it is a Lifestyle, not a diet.  That means it includes some exercise, maybe even yoga and some mediation or similar programs.  It’s a dramatic Lifestyle change that will give you a new perspective on Life and Living and allow you to embrace your life.  When you consider your life and what you want, you MUST WANT to LIVE.  I have always loved this Serenity Prayer:

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things that I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Take control of your LIFE.  You CAN make a difference.  You CAN change your lifestyle.  Death comes to us all, but you don’t and shouldn’t be in a rush!