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Are We Frogs?

There is an old wives tale (not true) that says if you drop a frog (any frog?) into boiling water he will jump out. BUT, if you drop him into a nice cool pot and gradually heat is up he will stay and cook to death.  While this is a great fable it is untrue but does convey an important message. If a person (or a frog) is lulled into a gradual death spiral they may not notice until it is too late. Have many of you have become frogs?

Americans (yes me included) have been blessed with a bountiful Country and one which has remained so for decades. The grocery shelves and full of products. The retail stores full of thousands of selections. Amazon and other on-line stores offer just about anything a person could dream of purchasing. Food and restaurants are plentiful. Food is, by almost any measure pretty reasonably priced.

One could say that this is a wondrous thing and how blessed we all are. Yes, UNTIL you actually examine the underlying cost. Yes, there is a tremendous cost to all this bounty. The disposable society we live in has been built on easily and readily available replacement materials. Rules and regulations encourage waste and easy disposal of just about anything.

Food is thrown away from grocery stores and restaurants that is perfectly healthy and nutritious but may have a few blemishes or is a left over from an oversupply. Why? Because of idiotic over-protective Nanny-State now controls our daily lives. There are a group of do-gooders that believe that THEY know better than US and want to protect the average (too stupid to live their own life) citizens.  These idiot bureaucrats enact legislation to 'protect' citizens while some starve on the street.  Prohibited from donating, perfectly good food, the laws say it must be thrown away instead of feeding a hungry veteran or someone just down on their luck.

Few people eat food that is prepared at home in that long dormant room called a Kitchen. Kids are fed breakfast and lunch at school; no longer are lunch boxes packed with nutritious home prepared food. Now the kids are at the mercy of the lowest bidder of products that are often not nutritious and may actually prove damaging to children's health.  High fat, high cholesterol and just lousy food is fed to the kids.  Milk and cheese, maybe some of the most dangerous beverages anywhere is laced with sugar and if not organic (it never is), is loaded with pesticide residue, hormones and toxins; not to mention the carcinogen casein (the animal protein in dairy). See 108 reasons to say NO to Milk!

Jamie Oliver, a well known British Chef, came to America to try to institute a healthier food lunch program in a couple of schools. Why did we need a Brit? Because no American seemed interested. He was stonewalled at every turn and even with the massive bureaucratic resistance to healthy/nutritious food managed some small success but ultimately gave up.  They made a TV show of the debacle of corrupt bureaucratic idiots in the school system called the Food Revolution on ABC.

Again, you must ask WHY? I always say, follow the money trail. The corrupt bureaucrats responsible for most of these decisions are making money, either directly or indirectly, from the choices they make. Feeding high fat, high sugar and low nutrition to kids is contributing to ill health, over activity (requiring meds) and worse. There just is little actual nutrition in most school food programs.

Then there are the adults, who should know better but apparently just do NOT. We are amongst the sickest, fattest and energy lacking society on the planet. We have the most of everything but just don't seem to be getting any real benefit.  Americans have forgotten How to Eat!

From high sugar to high fat to other less than nutritious food; Americans fail to realize that they are in water that is heating up and will soon come to the boiling point and then they will be cooked! The fast food and processed food industry feeds the flame under the pot that most Americans find themselves. Too lazy, sick, fat or dumb to jump out of the water they sit in their fast food restaurants or cars wolfing down a double burger with cheese and bacon, a soda and fries then wonder how on earth they gained so much weight. Then they puzzle about their high cholesterol and soaring triglycerides, their diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more.

Wonder of wonders, they see on the TV that there is a magical pill that can help control those dangerous symptoms. They go to their doctor and he puts them on drugs that often have horrendous side effects to treat these SYMPTOMS. They treat the symptoms, not the disease but Never Ever ask WHY? WHY is the blood work so 'not normal'? WHY have these levels of 'normal' been steadily rising for decades. No one ever seems to ask WHY!

The doctor, even when they actually do know the answer to WHY, seldom tell the patient what they should DO about it. How they can CURE their problems with Lifestyle and dietary change. Doctors truly believe, with apparent good reason, that patients don't want to know the WHY.  They just want a pill that will, from the advertisements, help they treat the symptoms; NEVER wondering if there is a CURE.  The doctors often assume (you know what that means), that the patient is too lazy, dumb or resistant to change that they will never accept the simple fact that their disease is CURABLE NOW, with relatively simple lifestyle changes.  Too many people are being Treated to Death!

People often tell us that it is in their genes and that is the reason WHY they are sick, have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity or other ailment. We tell them that while genetics loads the gun, Lifestyle Pulls the Trigger.

We advise everyone to jump OUT of that pot before the water boils and cooks your rear. Why do so many seem to relish being cooked alive when all they have to do is JUMP? For some it is a longer jump than for others, depending how deep the water and how big the pot. Many have placed themselves in the situation by poor lifestyle decisions. It is usually simply decision to change their lifestyle that will remedy their predicament.  When faced with a decision to sit in your current pot or JUMP to a new open lake of Plant-Based Lifestyle and swim free, we ask why so many just don't take the plunge? You must either swim for your LIFE or die in your pot. You Choose!