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A Thousand Recipes and Nothing to Eat

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

There seem to be thousands of all sorts of recipes available on-line.  Chef Nancy has over just n her Pinterest Site.  There are thousands of cookbooks in stores, on-line and available in eBook formats.  Some are better than others!  The ones we promote and support are All Plant Based; although we offer a conversion service to ‘Veganize’ just about any recipe.

Some recipes are more exotic than others.  Some include some spices and condiments that may be unfamiliar to many.  Some textures, flavors and colors may be unusual; but none of these issues should impede the attempt to at least try or sample them.

No, the real issue, especially in Fast Food America is that the Standard American Deadly Diet is based mostly on processed, boxed or prepared ‘foods’ that really shouldn't be called FOOD at all.  Have you read the ingredients and nutrition label?  Can you even pronounce the names of these additives?  Remember, by law, the most predominant ingredients are on top, listed then by descending proportion.  You will often see sugar high in the list; but at least you can pronounce that; fats usually are next in line.  Neither have much, if any, nutritional value at all, they are mostly empty calories.  Recall Dr. John Mcdougall saying: "The fat you eat is the fat your wear!".  Funny but true; same goes for all that sugar.

Most Americans never learned or have simply forgotten how to cook.  They rarely spend much time in the kitchen except to grab a soda or a beer.  Take out or delivery is way too easy, simple and actually pretty inexpensive; so that is too often the choice.  Packaged, prepared stuff is easy; too easy in many cases.  Again, read the label and just examine what you are eating.

Few people today actually understand how to prepare Whole Food. The vegetables in the produce section of the grocery store are often foreign to many.  Kids today often don’t know what a potato is; believing it is a McDonalds French fry.  Do your kids know what a zucchini squash is?  Do you? 

Beyond simple recognizing a vegetable, fruit, nut or seed; how many know how to prepare/cook them, much less make them delicious and nutritious; not overcooked to mush?  When a recipe calls for marjoram, basil, turmeric or other spice do you know what they are; much less have them in your pantry?

What about beans?  Most people may think of the old ‘pork & beans’ so may understand what a bean is but how many know the huge variety available?  What about lentils?  Have you ever had lentil soup or a lentil loaf?  Did you know that lentils, like beans come in many colors and varieties and all have roles in a huge number of recipes?

All of this is probably ‘Greek’ to many reading this essay.  Most may not have even gotten this far!  Cooking, for the most part, is not only a lost art, it is foreign to the majority of Americans.  Oh sure, most know how to fry a chunk of meat, overcook a vegetable and most can manage some iceberg lettuce and maybe a tomato.  But this is hardly a nutritious meal, well balanced with micro-nutrients, vitamins, proteins and minerals.  It is just an expedient way to stop the hunger pangs.

Real cooking results in, not only, delicious meals but ones that are full of nutrition; mostly lacking in the Standard American Deadly Diet.  Selecting a wide variety of vegetables, condiments, spices and flavorings can easily transform almost any meal into delicious cuisine in about the same amount of time it takes to get a pizza delivered!

No, cooking is not difficult but it does take some understanding of the basic ingredients, spices and seasonings that boost the natural flavors of whole foods.  Spices and seasonings actually contribute to the nutritional balance of the meal, providing additional health benefits.

If you would like to understand how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, just allocate some time to learn, experiment and enjoy the cooking experience.  It can be an adventure into that mysterious room in most homes called The Kitchen!

After all, if the meal you attempt is a bust, you can always call Domino’s Delivery (recently many pizza joints are featuring vegan/plant-based options!).  After a few successes at preparing your own delicious, nutritious meals you will forget about the delivery; it usually takes longer than just preparing your own meals and has none of the satisfaction of preparing your own cuisine for you and your loved ones!  Cooking at home is usually quicker and way cheaper than most fast food eaten on the Standard American Deadly Diet.