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Wellness Tour 2018

Chef Nancy is one of the Top 9

Chef Nancy and her intrepid driver, Skip,  
will be hitting the road in April of 2018.

Our Dedication to eath other:

Camerado, I give you my hand!
I give you my love more precious than money,
I give you myself before preaching or law;
Will you give me yourself? will you come travel with me?
Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?
Excerpted from Walt Whitman's "Song of the Open Road"

If you or a loved one, friend or associate may be suffering from a Lifestyle Disease, we may be able to help.  We offer a Lifestyle Extreme Program, where we will stay near you for a few days for intensive training and Lifestyle Education.  This is why we need advanced notice to plan our seminars and signing events.

This map represents our approximate route but is still in the planning stages.  You see, when we say Road Trip, we really mean it.  We will be conducting Book Signings for Chef Nancy's new book: "Restoring America's Health" and presenting Health & Wellness Seminars along the way to anyone, group or company who would like to schedule one.

We so love road tripping and will be hitting most of the National Parks along the way as well as stopping by to visit some friends.  We expect to be on the road for about 28 days, maybe longer so we will not be rushed.

You can schedule a seminar presentation or wellness intervention or just a visit if you call us to let us know a bit in advance.

Here is a sampling of our wellness presentation:

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If you see a city near you and would like to schedule us for a visit,

Major Cities on Our Route:

Biloxi Mississippi
Houston Texas
San Antonio Texas
Big Bend National Park
Guadalupe Mountains National park
Saguaro National Park
Tucson Arizona
Phoenix Arizona
Sedona Arizona (5 days)
Moab Utah (5 days)
Santa Fe New Mexico (4 days)
Oklahoma City
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Gainesville Florida
Orlando & Home

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