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The War Against Disease
The Kitchen IS the Battlefield

We work with many who are suffering from disease and dying who try to fight but often on the wrong battlefield.  Like our military, you must have the correct tools and weapons to fight disease but too many are not provided with the most effective tools.  The, so called, modern medical system and industry has long focused on the treatment of disease.  That is like fighting a war, already lost; when it should have been avoided.

Our political leaders are responsible for keeping us safe at home and abroad and it is their responsibility to prevent war with Peace Through Strength.   Our medical leaders fight the war already lost.  They use barbaric tools to treat many diseases that could and should have been prevented.  Treating a person to death is like trying to win a war that has been lost; it never works.

Treating a cancer with poison or deadly radiation is treating the patient to death.  Cracking open a chest to repair a clogged artery is futile when they know that unless the patient and doctors remove the CAUSE it will continue to be ineffective and will often result in repeated and recursive surgical procedures.  Ultimately, it is a war that cannot be won because eventually you run out of replacement parts.

The current medical industry is run by profit motivated individuals and there is no profit in Health & Wellness.  Profit comes only with disease, treatment and death.  The medical industry is making billion$ by killing patients; treating them to death.   The food industry makes money by creating processed food products that contribute to the cancers, clogged arteries and diabetes so many people suffer from.  They work hand in glove with the medical industry in a profitable cycle of disease, treatment and disease; until the patient ultimately dies, usually from the treatment.

This barbaric and disgusting cycle of disease is almost always PREVENTABLE and in most cased RESERVABLE with simple, natural processes.  This process is called Lifestyle and a lousy lifestyle contributes to disease while a Healthy Lifestyle prevents most diseases and can often be effective at reversing existing diseases; if begun in timely manner.  We are simply talking about the natural process of Eating.  The war that is simply fought in the Kitchen.

The human body was created/evolved to eat Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds; mostly in their natural form.  Reverting to a more natural, nutrition cycle is much cheaper, less traumatic and longer lasting than any open-heart surgery, chemo/radiation therapy or insulin therapy.  Yet, while it is so simple, so many seem to actually prefer the horrendously expensive and traumatic treatments of the modern medical establishment and knowingly continue to consume the overly processed unhealthy ‘foods’ that contribute to their disease cycle.

People are NOT designed to be fat, sick and dying; we are designed and have evolved to be Healthy, Hearty and Vital; living a long happy and productive life.  This war against disease, treatment and death can be WON but using the correct tools, supplies and fighting on the most productive battlefield we have at our disposal; and almost everyone has one.  It’s simply the KITCHEN where the battle can be won or lost.  Provided with the right supplies, resources and tools we can WIN the fight against existing disease and avoid future wars with preventative measures.

The crazy and most interesting thing is that the tools, battlefield and supply approach works against almost ALL disease.  Whether you are currently battling a disease, or working to prevent them, the battlefield is the same, the tools are the same and the supplies are the same.  Living a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle will almost always reverse disease and most certainly work to prevent disease.  The Kitchen IS the battlefield.

You cannot let the enemy of fast food, barbaric medical treatments and drugs infiltrate your battlefield.  They will always fail and contribute to the loss of the War that is LIFE Itself.  Learn simple preparation steps if you don’t already feel comfortable in your kitchen battlefield.  Supply yourself with Whole Plant Foods and learn to prepare them deliciously, cheaply and quickly.

Win the War against disease.  Don’t surrender to barbaric treatments when Prevention is so much easier, cheaper and More Delicious.  You can Win by Avoiding/Preventing disease by living a healthy Plant Based Lifestyle; all the while enjoying the abundance of delicious and nutritious Whole Food that nature has already provided. There is little need to consume overly processed foods when the grocery store product section and many farmer’s markets are readily available to most Americans.

Prevent the War against Disease with a Strong Natural Immune system built upon the foundation of a Plant Based Lifestyle.  It’s the cheapest and easiest war you will ever fight!  It begins in your Kitchen.


Skip Stein is COO and Lifestyle Counselor at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living near Orlando Florida. Under the subsidiary, Plant Based Healthstyle they promote a Plant Based Lifestyle for Nutritional Weight Loss, Disease Prevention and Disease Reversal.